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surgical removal of one or both testicles

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A physical examination usually reveals a painless mass, and inguinal orchiectomy is sufficient for treatment (2).
Standard treatments of seminomas are radical orchiectomy, paraaortic and pelvic lymph node dissection, adjuvant radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.
If the testicle is assessed to be nonviable, then orchiectomy is performed, with rates ranging between 9.
These include confirmation of the diagnosis of testicular tumor, facilitation of intraabdominal (high inguinal) orchiectomy and enabling detailed abdomen cleaning in ruptured testicular tumors.
The behavior of JGCT is clinically benign, and definitive treatment may be accomplished by orchiectomy or testis-sparing enucleation.
Color-Doppler ultrasound has an important role to differentiate these entities and can prevent unnecessary orchiectomy.
Surgical castration is bilateral orchiectomy ( removal of both testes), and chemical uses pharmaceutical drugs to inactivate the testes.
Radical inguinal orchiectomy followed by retroperitoneal lymph node dissection is recommended for all children over the age of 10 and for those younger than 10 years old with the retroperitoneal disease.
After orchiectomy (HP: embryonal carcinoma, pT1), he had received 4 cycles of chemotherapy (BEP protocol: Cisplatin 75 mg/[m.
16-23) Both orchiectomy and vasectomy may be appropriate means for a long-term inhibition of reproductive success in pigeons.
It has been reported that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can distinguish between seminomas and nonseminomas; however, this is not clinically relevant since orchiectomy is performed as primary treatment [11, 12].
Conservative management has a high risk of complications such as infection causing orchiectomy or testicular atrophy.