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Synonyms for orchidectomy

surgical removal of one or both testicles

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17 In a recent study by Ayan et al, who retrospectively reviewed records of 41 patients, bilateral orchidectomy were done in four (9.
Rustin, "Testicular implants and patient satisfaction: a questionnaire-based study of men after orchidectomy for testicular cancer," BJU International, vol.
Although not a cosmetically altering genital surgery, performing orchidectomy on a female-assigned infant limits the potential for this infertile woman to father a child.
Twenty-four hours after orchidectomy, the patient developed fever (39[degrees]C), ileus, high blood pressure (160/90 mm Hg) due to ureterohydronephrosis secondary to lymph nodes compression and very bad health condition with loss of 6% of body weight.
Testis sparing surgery, or partial orchidectomy, is now preferred for the treatment of bilateral testicular masses or in patients with a solitary testis.
With Laura by his side, Dalglish went under the knife and had an orchidectomy, which is a surgical procedure to remove a testicle and the full spermatic cord.
Patient 3 had severely underdeveloped androgen-responsive tissues, and patients 13-16 had orchidectomy performed.
Effect of running exercise on the bone loss induced by orchidectomy in the rat.
If the results show that cancer is highly likely then an operation called an orchidectomy is performed under a general anaesthetic to remove the testicle.
However, if you had advanced disease to begin with and had to have treatment such as chemotherapy first, you may be referred to a urologist afterwards for orchidectomy.
The patient then underwent a right inguinal orchidectomy and hemiscrotectomy.