orchid tree

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small East Indian tree having orchid-like flowers and hard dark wood

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It is the most commonly seen orchid tree in our area and has flowers that range from pink to purple, depending on the cultivar.
The Hong Kong orchid tree, Bauhinia blakeana, is worth special consideration.
Most prominent among the pink and purple bloomers is the purple orchid tree (Bauhinia variegata), the flowers of which are actually more pink than purple.
Nick Kurek, who lives in Granada Hills, writes: "I have done very well with orchid trees (Bauhinia) for many, many years.
He picked up leaves from bauhinia orchid trees as we walked and handed them to me.
Guests dined and danced among orchid trees and floral arrangements.
She planted deliciously delicate orchid trees on stage and even provided tanks filled with live exotic fish beneath the water fountains to glint in the bright lights.
There are more than 170 habitat and zoo building materials to choose from and plenty of different terrain options, including forest floors, sand, orchid trees and waterfalls.
Set within the multi-tiered site are an array of trees and plants including a Camphor tree lined central driveway; canopies of Chinese Pistache trees; benches and sculptures in the open areas between buildings; and a colonnade of 25-foot Date Palms and flowering Purple Orchid trees surrounding a central circular water feature on the dining terrace.
Hahn helped plant two Hong Kong orchid trees, the first of what will eventually be 100 trees around the school.
But plantings include Brazilian peppers, orchid trees, and bamboo palms; hibiscus, plume flower, and flame bush.
With a collection of fragrant roses and orange trees, purple orchid trees and 50-year-old cats claws dripping from the veranda, the inn is a cool oasis even in summer.