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Synonyms for orchestration

an arrangement of a piece of music for performance by an orchestra or band

the act of arranging a piece of music for an orchestra and assigning parts to the different musical instruments

an arrangement of events that attempts to achieve a maximum effect

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InfoVista is the provider of network and application performance orchestration solutions with more than 1,500 customers in 180 countries.
The company said the Pneuron cross-platform orchestration will bridge the gap between data orchestration and transformation with agility and speed.
Silicon Valley analytics software firm FICO today announced that Xpress Mosel, the most flexible analytic orchestration, optimization modeling and programming language, is now open to connect to any solver, and is free to use.
The company helps customers deliver intelligence at the network edge with its Network Edge Orchestration platform that includes the EdgeView Service Control Center, Intelligent Edge solutions, and the QuickConnect certification program.
This collaborative effort -- using multiple hardware platforms orchestrated in real-time via multi-domain service orchestration with APIs to underlying domain controllers will demonstrate how end-users can take advantage of maximum network control and access to agile, on-demand bandwidth solutions, as well as simplified and accelerated service delivery using minimal human touchpoints.
I-powered elements to the front, middle and back-office processes, driving end-to-end automation and orchestration of IT / Business Processes and creating a 'Unified Office'.
Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration answers the call through a flexible and modular service orchestration solution that fully automates the multiple layers of complex processes for service creation, delivery and assurance.
Ericsson Dynamic Orchestration provides a flexible and modular solution for the management of existing technologies while virtualization capabilities are integrated and controlled.
Orchestration allows containerized applications to run across multiple nodes--it coordinates the launching and provisioning of containers and performs load balancing to ensure optimal utilization of cluster resources.
Network Edge Orchestration is a hybrid cloud to edge platform that combines the EdgeView Service Control Center and customer-premised EdgeMarc Intelligent Edges, providing proactive management of service quality from the network core to IP endpoints.
OpenLSO is an orchestration ecosystem that enables a reference implementation of open source solutions and interfaces that adheres to the MEF LSO Reference Architecture & Framework (MEF 55).
Summary: Encode will be demonstrating its latest products and solutions in security analytics, response orchestration and cybersecurity operations and intelligence at GITEX Technology Week.
has announced the launch of VolPay Hub, the third in the VolPay suite of products dedicated to enabling accelerated payments integration and processing orchestration.
com)-- SNS Research's latest report indicates that spending on service provider SDN (Software Defined Networking) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) orchestration platforms is expected to reach nearly $1.
When thinking about configuration management and orchestration, most people have tools like CloudFormation, Chef, or Puppet in mind.