orchard oriole

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the male is chestnut-and-black

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Changes in environmental parameters in such a short period of time in the Orchard Oriole group provides some support for the pattern of rapid evolutionary change perhaps facilitated by founder effects.
While our results can not conclusively argue for changes in actual physiological constraints, similar work concerning the wintering range of Orchard Oriole subspecies may provide additional support for environmental differences between taxa.
fuertesi warrants continued examination of taxonomic ranks in the Orchard Oriole group.
While our study may not indicate actual physiological changes between taxa, it provides a preliminary analysis of environmental differences between Orchard Oriole subspecies.
Recent speciation in the orchard oriole group: Divergence of Icterus spurius spurius and Icterus spurius fuertesi.
Melanin coloration in New World orioles I: carotenoid masking and pigment dichromatism in the orchard oriole complex.