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widely grown stout Old World hay and pasture grass

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Cottonseed hull, corn gluten feed, brewer's grain, whole cottonseed, and orchard grass resulted in the lowest C[H.
Forage grasses include Kentucky bluegrass, Canada bluegrass, orchard grass, perennial ryegrass, reed canary grass, smooth bromegrass, tall fescue, timothy, prairie grass, garrison grass, and bermudagrass.
Orchard grass is much like bromegrass but not quite as satisfactory.
The pastures include a control (a two-species mix of orchard grass and white clover) and three other mixtures of plant species from different "functional groups.
Skin-prick testing was positive for dust mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus) and seasonal allergens (Kentucky bluegrass, orchard grass, and redtop grass).
Berber orchard grass tested as cover crop in commercial vineyard.
Each arena held a clump of orchard grass (Dactylis glomerata) taken from the yard of the University of Kentucky's aquatic research facility.
FFR has an industry-leading breeding program and germplasm base in a number of important forage species, including orchard grass, red clover, tall fescue and timothy.
Given that the pasture in the APPPA study included orchard grass and crabgrass, in addition to clover, omega-oriented flocksters should be able to balance the ratio even further with high-omega forage blends.
After the hogs worked up the dirt 6 to 8 inches deep, Lunzer broadcast shade-tolerant grasses, including fescue, Kentucky bluegrass and orchard grass.
3) Implementation obsiewEw (sowing grass mix in the amount of 200 kg / ha Mix: Agrostis vulgaris, red fescue, perennial ryegrass, orchard grass, yellow lupine serradella, white clover, vetch, field peas) - 7 912.
Forage level and particle size effects on orchard grass digestion by steers: II.
Orchard grass is heading in the North, and a little alfalfa is budding.
Most cows graze on Kentucky fescue or orchard grass, but deer will starve on these grasses when the grasses are mature because deer do not have big enough rumens to allow them to lie around, "chewing the cud," as much as cows do.
Female Japanese Black beef cattle were allowed access to water and orchard grass silage ad libitum and were maintained under these conditions for three weeks in the pen (50 [m.