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predatory black-and-white toothed whale with large dorsal fin

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Usually we see other orcas who feed on fish, but never on a whale.
The demo will feature highly reactive prime channels with 3D graphics, and clip-based thematic channels hosted on Orca.
Despite their 24/7 access to killer whales, SeaWorld-affiliated researchers have published relatively few orca studies.
The cross-border location of the Orca field, the need to take account of two different legal systems as well as the associated agreements on field development and the distribution of resources required intense negotiations between all stakeholders involved, says Dirk Schoene, Managing Director of RWE Dea UK.
Orcas in tanks are ticking time bombs for the trainers.
This means that more Sea Cadets arc able to get out to sea every time an ORCA leaves port.
In addition, Orca DC-DC converters meet carriers' needs for reduced cost and improved energy efficiency, with virtually no thermal derating, even under extreme operating temperatures.
IUCN is currently involved in an assessment of orca populations around the world to determine what their status should be.
Before the waters die down, the orca is shaking its immense head from side to side with a sea lion pup clamped between his jaws.
In the long, slanting light of a Far Northwest summer solstice, a rocky beach on San Juan Island becomes a concert hall, and the audience often includes families of orca whales from J, K, and L pods that the locals know by name.
Orca Bay Seafoods of Renton, WA has announced the sales of a minority interest of the company to Maruha Capital Investment Inc.
A young male orca that started regurgitating fish and then ambushing seagulls attracted by the mess seems to have set off a wave of cultural transmission in his neighborhood.
Another new entry in the Orca Soundings Series for reluctant readers, Juice will be a hit with fans of sports fiction.
JMR announced the industry's highest density storage solution in the ORCA Storage System, cramming 16.