orbital rotation

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motion of an object in an orbit around a fixed point

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The interpupillary distance after orbital rotation surgery was 65 mm.
Improving of intermittent exotropia after reduction of severe hypertelorism with orbital rotation surgery indicates that interpupillary distance within normal limits facilitates the ocular alignment.
The insatiable thirst of the world's burgeoning billions has caused a spurt of dam building in temperate regions in the past 40 years, and a scientist with NASA has found that the reservoirs are affecting Earth's orbital rotation.
This compact, variable speed, fixed angle rotator features 3D orbital rotation, reciprocation and vibration - all in one product - making it ideal for a variety of mixing applications including immuno precipitations and treatment of adherent tissue cultures in small volumes.
Because the yearly orbital rotation of the Earth about the Sun slightly effects [v.
With electromagnetic brakes and ergonomic handles, the system is extremely easy to use, and it offers virtually unlimited projection flexibility through 190 degree orbital rotation.
The Apollo Max features 130 degree orbital rotation and rotating anode for interventional surgical procedures and full fluoroscopic capabilities.