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(astronomy) the plane on which a body is orbiting

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s] Eccentricity the trajectory [OMEGA] Longitude of the Define the orientation of the ascending node orbital plane.
k] depicting the librational angle from local vertical in orbital plane, and [[phi].
Team member Jennifer Sokoloski, also of Columbia University and co-investigator on the project, suggests these data indicate the companion star plays an important role in shaping how material is ejected, presumably along the system's orbital plane, creating the pancake-shaped disk.
An asset without ORS hardware that continuously thrusts with an electric engine over a seven-day period can sufficiently change its velocity within the same orbital plane to produce a 24-hour TOT change by modifying the ground track.
I quickly determined that Kevin and Greg had independently observed the same satellite, in approximately a 410 km orbit, inclined at 40[degrees] to the equator, in an orbital plane consistent with the circumstances of the launch of OTV-1.
For example, Pluto's orbit is inclined at 17 degrees to the orbital plane of the other planets and its rotational axis is tipped over to one side.
The pieces have remained in the orbital plane of each satellite but are spreading out in altitude.
The orbital plane, although fixed in space, can be arbitrarily oriented with respect to whatever reference plane is chosen (such as Earth's orbital plane about the Sun, which is called the ecliptic, or the equator of the primary).
The right ascension of the ascending node [OMEGA], the inclination of the orbital plane I, and the arguments of declination [u.
Companies likely to compete to develop the Orbital Space Plane include Boeing, which built the shuttle fleet and is working on the X-37, and Lockheed Martin, which has conducted design studies on such a vehicle and even produced a mock-up of an orbital plane in the early 1990s.
B], distance d, width [DELTA]X and height [DELTA]Y of the aperture, and the angle between the vertical center of the aperture and the orbital plane of the electrons [psi].
Other things which have some bearing include the orbital time per revolution and the orbital plane (relative to the equator), so that they pass over a given point at the right time of day and with the desired repeated occurrence in the cycle.
Well also be sending the tenth satellite to an adjacent orbital plane where it will go into service by Summer 2018.
Argument of [omega] The ascending node-Sun-peri-helion perihelion angle, measured in the orbital plane in the object's direction of motion.
One of the most notable differences is how large Betelgeuse is - if the sun were at its center, it would extend all the way out past Jupiter's orbital plane.