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Synonyms for oratory

Synonyms for oratory

the art of public speaking

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Scalmer traces the meaning and historical significance of the stump speech, including relationships and movements that crossed national boundaries and how local circumstances influenced how, when, and why stump oratory was adopted.
The oratory also displays relics of the Apostles, Our Lady and
Birmingham Oratory is one of 42 in the West Midlands to join the 2016 version, which has been published yesterday, while a further 51 have been removed this year.
The burial ground site is interesting in its own right, but it is the Oratory that has always fascinated me.
On this day, a seminar on the topic of ' Use of Technology and Innovations in promoting Good Governance' and a competition on Oratory ( Bhaashan Shailee ) are to be organised in all the central universities and colleges under the purview.
He said: "Some of them this morning, when I met them, I couldn't let them into the oratory but when I told them the damage that was done they were crying.
PLACE: The Oratory Center for Spirituality, Rock Hill, SC.
He also faces eight charges relating to one pupil at The Oratory School near Reading between 1985 and 1989.
Eleven-year-old Antonio will start at the London Oratory - where two of Tony Blair''s children went - in September.
From September, Antonio Clegg will attend a Catholic school in west London, the London Oratory.
In 1854 the Oratory moved to South Kensington, where Faber spent the last nine years of his life.
analyzes the oratory of the Lost Cause speakers of the first decades following the US Civil War, arguing that the victory of Lost Cause rhetoric in the South has helped lay the groundwork for much of Southern political and social culture up until the present day.
Sierra McClain, an 18-year-old home-schooled senior from Camp Creek, won the state oratory competition at the 2012 Oregon Right to Life Conference held April 21 in Portland.
The Greeks and Their Past: Poetry, Oratory and History in the Fifth Century BCE.