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Synonyms for oratorical

Synonyms for oratorical

of or relating to the art of public speaking

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characteristic of an orator or oratory

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If you'll only be good enough to look up my record," he boomed out in his great, clear oratorical bass, "you'll see I gave a warning only three months ago, on the occasion of the Grand Duke Romuald's visit to Paris, which was telegraphed from here to the French police, and - "
Bumble had a great idea of his oratorical powers and his importance.
Finds Podsnap reading the paper, standing, and inclined to be oratorical over the astonishing discovery he has made, that Italy is not England.
The notary made a slight inclination of the head, looked at Ginevra with a sly expression, took out his snuff-box, opened it, and slowly inhaled a pinch, as if seeking for the words with which to open his errand; then, while uttering them, he made continual pauses (an oratorical manoeuvre very imperfectly represented by the printer's dash--).
The subject under discussion did not appear to be very popular with the assembly, and some would have been delighted to change it; but Evgenie would not stop holding forth, and the prince's arrival seemed to spur him on to still further oratorical efforts.
All the speeches were enthusiastically received, but the coloured man carried off the oratorical honours, and the applause which broke out when he had finished was vociferous and long-continued.
The annals of history is replete with the profiles of great men and women whose oratorical skills have impacted their societies and changed the course of history.
Quilicot of the Siquijor State College (SSC) sees the relevance of the ASEAN Oratorical and Essay Contests in the province of Siquijor.
ISLAMABAD -- Students of Islamabad Model College for Girls (IMCG), F-7/4 Wednesday exhibited extra-ordinary oratorical skills in the Urdu debate competition on the topic 'Iblees ka hr kam insan ne sambhala ' and received huge appreciation.
While he has credibility for his contacts with the youth and he is known for putting in long working hours, it is imperative to point out some of his weaknesses - he lacks in oratorical approach, shows delays in decision making and lacks trust in his coworkers.
She is best known for being a complete package - songwriter, singer, composer, rapper, and oratorical speaker.
Naperville-area high school students are invited to participate in the National Oratorical Contest sponsored by the American Legion.
Depicted in great detail and gesturing dramatically, his right hand gives the ancient Roman oratorical sign for the central point of a discourse while his left holds the placard that says, "behold.
June 15 (ANI) :Donald Trump is known to be the butt of jokes for many impersonators, and recently, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was seen impersonating the US President's unique oratorical style.
Her works reflect the oratorical style intrinsic to the Salish people and the Sto: lo nation in particular.