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Synonyms for oration

Synonyms for oration

a usually formal oral communication to an audience

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an instance of oratory

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In his 1953 oration, George Bray informed his classmates that, "as a form of intellectual elite, we bear a greater responsibility than do others.
The event included prayers by Defence Forces chaplain Fr Robert McCabe, a minute's silence, a piper's lament and an actor reciting Pearse's oration.
Madiba will be travelling to Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania between 7 November and 10 December 2014, during which time he will deliver a series of lectures culminating in the Rahima Dawood Oration on 3 December.
The funeral oration was organised in El Aouina military barrack, with attendance of Caretaker President of the Republic, President of the National Constituent Assembly and Interim Prime Minister.
Laws dealing with religious practices, such as oration and religious lessons, have been the centre of attention ever since the military-backed ousting of former President Mohamed Morsi.
Pico's theses and their accompanying oration were a collaborative enterprise, gathered from the largest possible number of sources and presented (at least in part) through the new medium of print; now they are being studied collaboratively again and disseminated through a new technology that is peculiarly suited both to group work in general and to a new dynamic ideal in which the interactive interface of the Virtual Humanities Lab will allow the continuous updating and integration of material.
For the purpose of analysis, each funeral oration was divided into segments (sentences) i.
He demanded that the parliament should not an oration center and field of political conflicts.
The inauguration was followed by a two-day international event featuring an Oration, Workshops and CME lectures.
Deepak Kumar Bhasin Management of multilple and large Professor pseudocysts by endoscopic Department of Gastroenterology transpapillary drainage alone Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research Chandigarh ICMR Kshanika Oration Award for Women Scientist Dr.
The title of the oration will be "Sinhala Cinema and the Social Imaginary: The Work of Lester James Peries".
THE FEW IN September skies, as birds of steel in flight The Few in air, engaged in mortal, merciless fight Spinning, turning, diving-burning-young men lost Winning, living, the giving, earning-young men's cost Theirs the heroic, the noble, colossal feat Theirs the defeat of evil's force, so vile in hate By them, the whirlwind unleashed for good The deed that freed from threat our nation, with their blood Grateful forever the state in triumph, with such oration, remembered "So much owed by so many to so few" In human conflict field of sorrow, the brave Released to us our tomorrow Honour to those in Hurricanes, in Spitfire, The Few In September skies.
Four months ago, the INLA used a graveside oration outside Dublin to reveal their "armed struggle was over" after 35 years.
His words are of course an abridged version of the Funeral Oration given by Pericles for those Athenians who fell in the Peloponnesian War in the year 431BC.
The organisation responsible for some of the most infamous attacks of the Troubles used a graveside oration outside Dublin to confirm that its "armed struggle is over".