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An analysis of the descriptive words given for a material surface such as moist, sticky, shiny, cold, comfortable, cheerful, oily, orangy, and mirror-like', reveals a combination of what people sense initially by their organs (eyes, skin, etc.
It's a lovely mix of oils and butters, and has a subtle orangy taste.
In three colourways, Madagascar Agate (bronzy browny peachy) Moss Agate (moss green and orangy brown) and Laguna Agate (grey blue gunmetal and pink), the palettes are pounds 29 each and available at Fenwick and Space NK in Newcastle.
white S white (colorless) Dachiardite-Na orangy white W Dawsonite pale yellow M Dresserite I.
Bright yellow says Cheerios, and orangy yellow says Arm & Hammer.
And right about then, he wasn't too keen on anything that looked orangy.
The lower part which is a lungi like orangy colour.