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Most hollyhocks are prone to rust, a disease that produces orangy pustules on the undersides of leaves and spots on the leaf surfaces.
com/ though the home page is titled the more up-to-date Alsop Architects and leads directly to a page featuring a shiny orangy amoeba shape.
It is a large, pointed plum tomato of the San Marzano type with an orangy color and distinct yellow shoulders.
For instance, the rosy, orangy smell of octanol contrasts sharply with the rancid, sweaty odor of octanoic acid, although the molecules differ only in a side chain of atoms.
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This is not the West Country coast with jagged rocks and thundering surf - the tide runs in and out over unbroken expanses of flat, orangy sand.
Ballerina"-a pleasantly fragranced orangy lily-flowering tulip that flowers early.