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large long-armed ape of Borneo and Sumatra having arboreal habits

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Interestingly, in their dealings with humans, orangs have been found only to use the pitch-lowering leaf trick when approached by a human they have not previously had dealings with.
So orangs whistle and lie squeakily about their size, but the final part of the news trilogy concerns another sound which makes the whole business still more intriguing: the orang laugh.
I first read about Bonnie the whistling orang a year or so ago and thought little of it at the time, but last weekend, I came across two more items that brought Bonnie back to mind.
Fruit is juicy, so orangs get most of the water they need from their food.
Many orangs also lick raindrops off leaves or look for other places where rainwater collects, such as in tree holes.
Most orangs stay away from rivers and streams and almost never come down from trees.
In an attempt to appease farmers and bring the orangs safely back to their natural habitat, the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre was established in 1964.
Vekic smiles indulgently as two orangs edge toward a bowl of fruit in the rangers' kitchen.
Recent forest fires have also produced many orphans, killing an estimated 3,000 orangs and reducing the total world population to around 15,000.
Director Nigel Cole put an end to the embrace by gently unthreading Kusasi's arms from around Julia's neck, though he himself admits that if the orang had resisted there was precious little he could have done about it.
Since no one had said that the orangs muffed their performances after the corrections we see on the tape, I can only assume that Berosini was using good judgment.
Berosini and his orangs are, to be sure, masters of much that is gaudy--his act is a half hour of animal slapstick and off-color skits sandwiched between the usual Vegas dancing girls and boys; the orangs wear shorts and funny hats and make obscene gestures to the audience.
BORNEAN orang utan Jazz had fun in the sun while keepers were hard at work adding tonnes of new woodchip to her internal enclosure.
Jazz, pictured, lapped up the beautiful weather as a team of 10 keepers got to work spreading six tonnes of woodchip inside DZG's Orang House.
Caroline explained: "Evolution and genetic mutation can be quite complex so I decided to use the toy orangs to help the children fully engage with what I was saying and they were really keen to join in with the cuddly orang utan fun.