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Synonyms for orangish-red

of red tinged with orange


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Rosen made ours from sharkskin, dyed a distinctive orangish-red.
The leaves turn vibrant shades ranging from clear yellow to golden orange to orangish-red, providing a jaw-dropping display that can last until mid-October.
Radically transcending the confines of the traditional show, Documenta, ominously abbreviated as a lowercase "d" (with a orangish-red "X") on posters all over Kassel, consists of three main parts: an art exhibition spread out in various venues; 100 days of lectures by a wide range of artists, writers, and philosophers; and finally, The Book - an 830-page Odyssey of theoretical essays, literary texts, and wide-ranging imagery that, according to the editor's preface, seeks to "indicate a political context for the interpretation of artistic activities at the close of the twentieth century.