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Perhaps teachers could check girls' skintones at assembly with an orangeness chart.
His Colorado pedigree and his legacy are such that marketers with an ear to local sensibilities will pursue His Orangeness for years to come.
The vibrancy of character is best represented with orange, and the orangeness of time has been immortalised in two Nixon watches: The Banks, a smart chronograph, and the old favourite The Rotolog.
Faced with a ban on the use of mobile phones in the weighing room during racing hours from September 1 onwards, our pint-sized crusaders are squaring up to Malcolm Wallace, the Club's man with a big stick (his carrot was confiscated some time ago following an orangeness directive from Brussels), and may yet invoke the might of human rights legislation to prove that they are being hard done by.
This delicious new chocolate bar has got all that unique Terry's orangeness.
Our proposition about blueness and orangeness is of this epistemically necessary type.
Holly's brave attempt at the 'whole chicken breast Chicken Dipper nuggets' gave her a plate of such orangeness it might have been tagged 'From Chernobyl' had it not arrived so fast.
Gavin Henson, whose orangeness makes him look more and more like Eastenders' Kat Slater by the minute, sported a pair of golden boots in place of the silver ones he gave away to charity after his match-winning England performance a week earlier.
You still think you're pale when, in fact, you're a beacon of orangeness - Trinny Woodall, of What Not To Wear fame, warns of the perils of a fake tan.
According to a spokeswoman from Terry's, it's a competition to celebrate orangeness and find out who is the most 'appeeling' celebrity (oh, my aching sides).
P and J's combined orangeness could have terrible effects on the environment too if they got together a chemical reaction might take place, causing a tidal wave of hair gel and self-tan which would kill all sea life stone dead.