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having the color of ripe oranges

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The orange-colored Nytemp[R] from the Nylok Corporation, frees designers from the 250[degrees]F maximum of traditional materials and allows then to use self-locking fasteners with multiple cycle reuse capabilities.
Good sources of beta-carotene are orange-colored foods such as apricots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe and carrots.
Neighbors, friends and relatives were always glad to have pumpkin pie from our orange-colored pumpkins.
On the day the illnesses began, the last activity the children engaged in before lunch was to make jack-o-lanterns out of orange-colored rice glued to paper plates.
Throughout the following years, the two continued intercrossing the types and looking for the orange-colored inside, while retaining proper size and pickling capabilities essential for sale to the public.
As the ferry approaches the dock, an orange-colored structure looms into view.
Tedco's latest toy is the Winger, a pliable, flyable, orange-colored ring that looks like a phonograph record with the middle cut out.
Fantastic, who can bend, stretch, and expand his body in any imaginable way; Jessica Alba as Invisible Woman, who can make herself disappear, generate invisible force fields, and fire invisible power blasts from her hands; Chris Evans as The Human Torch, who can become a human fireball; Michael Chiklis as The Thing, a superhuman, super strong creature with an irreversible orange-colored rocky exterior; and Julian McMahon, as the villainous Dr.
I was standing there in the dark with orange-colored explosions all around, and all of a sudden I felt like I was floating above it in complete silence, watching rounds drop all around us,'' he recalled of the battle for Iwo Jima.
When the scientists mixed up this material as a bulk powder, it proved better than the standard commercial red phosphor, which gives off a more orange-colored light.
A sunny orange-colored version of i-gels will have a grapefruit scent and will combat undereye circles, while a lavender version will have a wisteria scent and will help in the reduction of fine lines.
PASADENA - Standing atop a platform at midfield, listening to the burnt orange-colored crowd chant ``one more year,'' Vince Young picked up the Waterford Crystal football that goes to the national champion, tucked it under his right arm and struck a Heisman Trophy pose.
Orange-colored fruits-like cantaloupe, oranges, and apricots - also contain beta carotene.
He speculates that the viceroy butterfly's own chemical defense evolve because birds learned that not all orange-colored butterflies would cause them to vomit.