orange daisy

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mat-forming herb of Turkestan with nearly double orange-yellow flowers

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Flower stalks, topped with yellow or orange daisy flowers, can reach 6 feet tall, L.
So at this time of the year, summer edging into fall, I prowl the fence line by an old farm where there are displays of black-eyed Susans, a golden orange daisy that found its way east from Midwest prairies after the forests were cleared; the pale lilac pompons of wild bergamot, a source of nectar for ruby-throated hummingbirds; and the fragrant flower clusters of common milkweed with their unique insect community.
An annual version of a perennial favourite, "Marmalade" has large, tawny- orange daisy flowers, with a black cone in the middle.
For some reason there were only marigolds in it - a big orange daisy display - which created quite an impression.