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large long-armed ape of Borneo and Sumatra having arboreal habits

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Various agencies whether government or non-government are taking initiative to help to develop and enhance life quality of Orang Asli through different approaches.
Pakaian dia itu maeam orang dulu pakai itu celana panjang.
In an attempt to appease farmers and bring the orangs safely back to their natural habitat, the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre was established in 1964.
Beyond this the British took relatively little interest in the Orang Asli and mainly left them to themselves in the still vast and "undeveloped" interior while creating conditions in which they were able to live their lives as they wished.
Julie Woolley (left) and Rachel Sellers with Aidy Jamali and Elis Tambolin; below, one of the Twycross orang utans.
One of the world's most endangered species, Dudley's three Bornean orang utans are part of an international breeding programme.
Chapter six comprises a few vignettes of Orang Asli life considered from a medical viewpoint.
It is a kind of ethnography that is relevant not only to those engaged in the study of Orang Asli cultures but more widely to ethnomusicologists, medical anthropologists (the book is Volume 28 in Comparative Studies of Health Systems and Medical Care, edited by J.
Nyambong was the first member of this family to be invested with the title Orang Kaya, reportedly by the Sultan of Brunei.
Director Nigel Cole put an end to the embrace by gently unthreading Kusasi's arms from around Julia's neck, though he himself admits that if the orang had resisted there was precious little he could have done about it.
Caroline explained: "Evolution and genetic mutation can be quite complex so I decided to use the toy orangs to help the children fully engage with what I was saying and they were really keen to join in with the cuddly orang utan fun.
Bornean orang utan, Sprout, marked the day with treats from keepers and cuddles from her mum, Jazz.
New arrivals throughout the past year have included a ring-tailed lemur, an emperor tamarin, a Bornean orang utan, a Brazilian tapir and a red panda.
HUNDREDS of visitors at Chester Zoo were forced to take refuge indoors after an orang utan escaped from its cage.
But the Orang Utan Coffee Project is fighting back.