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Both the study groups showed similar change in oral temperature from the pre to the post test [F (2,28) = 11.
All three contacts were interviewed, evaluated for symptoms, and, under orders from DOHMH, required initial home confinement and direct active monitoring of oral temperature and symptoms.
Prior literature has indicated the most accurate noninvasive method for temperature measurement in adults is an oral temperature obtained with an electronic, nondisposable thermometer (Bridges & Thomas, 2009; Forbes, 2009; Hooper & Andrews, 2006).
Aspiration of an oral temperature probe cover causing respiratory distress: Successful removal via flexible endoscopy.
Women use Kindara to track daily information that is relevant to their fertility - such as waking oral temperature, other fertility signs, home test results, and diet & fitness information.
NeoSent alloys always have the austenitic structure at oral temperature since those alloys attain the complete austenitic structure below the oral temperature.
On presentation, our patient had an oral temperature of 39.
The next morning, April 15, the patient returned to the clinic for medical evaluation and was found to have an oral temperature of 37.
1992) measured oral temperature in 148 healthy persons and found that the average temperature varied throughout the day.
Oral temperature was measured at 08:00 h and 18:30 h, with a calibrated digital clinical thermometer (accuracy: 0.
have blood pressure systolic between 100 and 160, diastolic 60 to 100 torr (a measurement of blood pressure) -have a regular pulse between 60 and 100 and oral temperature less than or equal to 37.
Comparison of Axillary Temperature with Rectal or Oral Temperature and Determination of Optimum Placement Time in Children .
On arrival to the ED, he had a blood pressure of 111/63 mmHg, respiration - 20 breaths/min, oral temperature of 36.