dental hygienist

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someone trained to provide preventive dental service (cleaning teeth or taking x-rays)

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Oral hygienists (as they are called) can set up their own practices, deliver hygiene services and perform diagnoses, then refer patients to a dental therapist or dentist as necessary.
The workshop offered dentists, dental nurses, dental assistants and oral hygienists practical instruction on a wide range of issues related to periodontal disease.
A solitary investigation designed to evaluate this populations' views of mandatory requirements for community service was conducted by Bhayat et al among South African oral hygienists.
Dentists and oral hygienists are seeing an increased incidence of halitosis, or bad breath, among patients in recent times.
dentists, dental technicians and dental assistants and oral hygienists.
The final study is one that is the exception that tends to prove the rule--the history of dental hygienists who were at one time educated in universities (supervised by the dental profession) but in order to improve their professional standing, oral hygienists are now being trained in colleges.
Eating chocolate is thought by some oral hygienists to protect the teeth from acid attack by coating them.
We're the second-most-dispensed brush by dentists and oral hygienists," he says.
The School will help keep local students, nurses, paramedics, dentists, oral hygienists, occupational therapists and other health professionals in the area.
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