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an examination conducted by spoken communication

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Introduction of structured oral examination as a novel assessment tool to first year medical students in physiology.
The diagnosis is usually made based on history, oral examination, X-ray findings under general anesthesia and a biopsy of the oral mucosa, says Dr, Peralta, who is leading the clinical study.
The second in a series of two, this study guide helps readers prepare for the UK's Primary FRCA (Fellowship of the Royal College of Anaesthetists) Structured Oral Examination by providing answers to questions regularly asked by examiners in the areas of pharmacology, special patient groups, and critical incidents in anesthesiology.
The oral examination, which has proved problematic in the past where some excluded candidates have charged that others were given jobs entirely based on the interview irrespective of qualifications, will be revamped entirely, Anastasiades said.
But with Hitler in power, Rapoport, who was raised Protestant (though her mother was Jewish), was banned from taking the oral examination for "racial reasons," reports The Wall Street Journal.
The case reports are scrutinised, usually overnight, and the candidates then undergo an oral examination on the structured case reports.
But I do ask my patients how frequently they see a dentist, because it is a powerful marker for what I am going to find during the oral examination.
The Olympiad included the following nominations: The Best Composition, Young Reciter, Young Speechmaker, oral examination in Russian language, oral exam in history of Russia and Russian culture.
Start with the extra- oral examination before proceeding to examine the oral cavity.
Milner, co-owner of Fibonacci Smile in Wenatchee, completed a credentialing process including a written examination, the submission of clinical cases for examination and an oral examination to earn the accreditation.
The text remains relevant to both the oral examination board review (the original purpose) as well as active practice.
A thorough naked-eye oral examination with adequate light can identify many oral conditions in the early stages.
This descriptive study examined 160 former students' perceptions of one assessment tradition in counselor education: the doctoral oral examination.
The screening check involves a quick oral examination and a few health related questions.