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an examination conducted by spoken communication

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"They will have to come here in person only for the oral exam once they pass the written exam."
Oral exams are used as a complement to written exams where a set of stimulus questions are developed that address critical areas of knowledge, or sets of abilities related to a competency or set of competencies2,3.
In his Facebook post, Arycan says his daughter was one of those who were not selected based on their score in the oral exam, despite obtaining a high score in the written test.
Within longer problems (as scaffolded in an oral exam), an examiner can also easily assess the connections between the student's physical intuition and mathematical formalism, and determine the differences between memorised steps and conceptual understanding by asking the student why he makes each choice.
Headteacher Wendy Rees said: "During the key preparation weeks approaching the GCSE Welsh oral exam, the school's Welsh teaching resources were unexpectedly affected by sickness absence.
This was the first year where the oral exam accounts for 40%.
New York, July 26 ( ANI ): James Holmes, who allegedly killed 12 people during the screening of the latest Batman film - 'The Dark Knight Rises,'- bought a weapon on the same day he failed a key oral exam.
Two written and one oral exam questions in accordance with Turkish A1 course evaluating criteria were asked to the study group, answers papers were evaluated by three expert by using document analysis technique of qualitative research method.
The oral exam is based on the paper and the subject matter dealt with in the lectures may also be discussed.
They first met at her final oral exam for her Ed.D., when he, twice-widowed, substituted for another professor.
The program provides expanded learning opportunities in logistics through a 3-phase process: a written exam on a wide variety of sustainment-related subjects; an oral exam before a board of logisticians, who ask scenario-based questions; and a 3-hour oral presentation.
An examination of the costs for faculty of dealing with cheating suggests that there may be merit in an old tool--using an oral exam along with a paper.
The Oxford, Cambridge and RSA (OCR) examination board notified the school in July when they spotted anomalies in the oral exam results.
With Akins' 22 years and Wilcox's 18 years on the job, the two were successful on a test that includes a 275-question written exam and a three-part oral exam. The oral exam required both to perform a highly precise patient hookup, interpret two records from an EEG test and interpret four records provided by the testers.
"It was a lot like taking an oral exam on national TV," Dr.