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an examination conducted by spoken communication

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24, 2014 for an injunction and nullification of the oral exams conducted by the Ministry of Education on Feb.
Headteacher Wendy Rees said: "During the key preparation weeks approaching the GCSE Welsh oral exam, the school's Welsh teaching resources were unexpectedly affected by sickness absence.
The program provides expanded learning opportunities in logistics through a 3-phase process: a written exam on a wide variety of sustainment-related subjects; an oral exam before a board of logisticians, who ask scenario-based questions; and a 3-hour oral presentation.
The Oxford, Cambridge and RSA (OCR) examination board notified the school in July when they spotted anomalies in the oral exam results.
The oral exam required both to perform a highly precise patient hookup, interpret two records from an EEG test and interpret four records provided by the testers.
It was a lot like taking an oral exam on national TV," Dr.
He claims he was mocked during an oral exam by one tutor who pulled faces and started laughing at him.
Four area police chiefs sat on the oral exam board.
According to a review by someone called Lord Dearing (I'm always suspicious of those with titles who meddle in matters of education), the stress of the oral exam may be deterring youngsters from studying languages and, therefore, the best thing to do is to get rid of it.
The stress of the oral exam may also be a contributory factor in putting youngsters off studying languages, he said.
Although John thought he was well-prepared for his oral exam (skit and questions), he still felt anxious because he was uncertain about his teacher's questions after the skit.
1, the students will go to the University of California, Los Angeles, to take seven more quizzes before taking the Super Quiz oral exam, the only public portion of the Academic Decathlon.
They were sitting a Spanish standard grade oral exam - but were given the questions for a French test instead.
He excelled in an oral exam, a written exam and a practical exam in which he had to put out several fires in aircraft.