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an examination conducted by spoken communication

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6 percent on the KPSS, did not pass the Silivri Prison exam because he was given 60 percent on the first oral exam and 40 percent on the second.
Several media outlets claimed that during the oral exam, applicants were asked to comment on the corruption investigations that became public with a wave of detentions on Dec.
The Ankara 17th Administrative Court on Wednesday ruled for a stay of execution on the April 16 appointments of Education Ministry provincial and district managers based on oral exams held by the ministry between Feb.
The candidate, who said he had failed all three oral exams in which he took part, said: "The grade by my name on the document, the references and all the information about my hometown completely match [my personal data].
Sources have claimed that the Ministry of Education had instructed members of the examination commissions to record the grades for the oral exam this year in pencil.
Foreign professionals wishing to seek licence in the UAE need to appear for a written theory exam and an oral exam to clear the licensing procedures.
It may be that: "the more rigid the structure of oral exam, the higher the reliability"24.
In one example, a candidate named Bihter Ayan obtained a score of 90 percent in the written exam but was given a score of 62 percent in the oral exam and was therefore not selected.
The Civil Aviation Administration said the 10 failed the oral exam on handling emergency situations given after the crash on February 4 and need to be retrained.
The Olympiad included the following nominations: The Best Composition, Young Reciter, Young Speechmaker, oral examination in Russian language, oral exam in history of Russia and Russian culture.
In an oral exam, the instructor can assess conceptual understanding, problem-solving, scientific communication skills, and a student's philosophy of science.
The school, which launched in September following the merger of Llanrumney and Rumney high schools, has written to parents asking them if they want their children to continue preparing for the GCSE Welsh oral exam.
The services available include cleanings, fillings, crowns, root canal therapy, perio scale and root planing, partials, implants, bridges, oral surgery, occlusal analysis and adjustments, oral exam, x-rays, and much more.
As part of Musharaf's GCSE oral exam, he will have to write a report and read it aloud - a task that seems impossible when this programme begins.
We were pleasantly surprised (shocked, actually) to hear that a message had been sent to the nearby embassies that, if we happened to show up, the Department had scheduled us to take the oral exam in Pretoria, South Africa, about six weeks from that date.