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Synonyms for oral

Synonyms for oral

produced by the voice

expressed or transmitted in speech

Synonyms for oral

an examination conducted by spoken communication

using speech rather than writing


Related Words

of or involving the mouth or mouth region or the surface on which the mouth is located


a stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated in the mouth

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Oral health in America: A report of the Surgeon General.
Poor oral healthcare causes millions of vulnerable seniors to suffer needlessly," said Sen.
Thus even this exclusively oral domain was invigorated, if not shaped, by print culture.
Nearly equal proportions of women with and without breast cancer had ever used oral contraceptives (70% and 68%, respectively), and the average duration of use among ever-users was similar (5.
Hairy leukoplakia is one of the most common, virally-induced, oral diseases of individuals with HIV infection.
San Francisco, draws on its oral history by using quotes from Walter Hauss, Sr.
Disabling conditions frequently are associated with severe oral disease and dysfunction of the craniofacial complex.
Case Two: Oral History as Civic Engagement: Professionalizing Collection
It is also assumed that nontooth-related oral trauma, such as that from a denture-induced ulceration (denture sore), can permit the underlying bone to be exposed and infectious agents colonize that area, leading to an osteomyelitis (infection of the bone).
Although trained to assist and/or monitor a resident's oral hygiene and dedicated to providing good care, aides are not always comfortable with this service because a poorly kept mouth can be intimidating and, frankly, repulsive.
In this article, we summarize the results of the development of an oral sensitization protocol for food proteins in the rat.
Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is given to the HIV/AIDS patients and the frequency of the oral lesions especially oral candidiasis, necrotizing periodontal conditions, Kaposi sarcoma, oral hairy leukoplakia and recurrent oral ulcers has been reported to be decreased after this treatment due to reconstitution of the immune system.
VAP has been associated with poor oral hygiene, and this link has galvanized healthcare workers and researchers to explore effective methods of oral hygiene to reduce rates of VAP and other nosocomial infections.
Objective: A prospective, observational study was undertaken to investigate the epidemiology of oral infection among the patients with advanced malignancies, and to investigate the effects of therapy strategies and risk factors on the incidence of oral infection.