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Synonyms for oral

Synonyms for oral

produced by the voice

expressed or transmitted in speech

Synonyms for oral

an examination conducted by spoken communication

using speech rather than writing


Related Words

of or involving the mouth or mouth region or the surface on which the mouth is located


a stage in psychosexual development when the child's interest is concentrated in the mouth

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'This is because poor oral health can negatively affect a child's confidence, social skills as well as potential for success later in life.
As millions of people continued suffering from poor oral health, our targeted action was that could curb the prevalence of oral diseases and make oral health a personal priority for everyone he added.
'We are confident that concerted and targeted action can curb the prevalence of oral disease and make oral health a personal priority for everyone,' he said.
Feroze Ali Kalhoro expressed that millions of people around the globe continue to suffer from poor oral health and the growing burden of oral disease demands action on an individual, family and community level.
* To assess improvement of oral health after intervention in school going children.
Patients with SCIs often have poor oral hygiene practices due to restricted mobility and dependence on caregivers.9 Use of certain drugs to reduce muscle spasms and neurogenic bladder disorders in these patients may lead to dental plaque deposition and development of dental caries.10 In addition, these patients often avoid doing regular oral hygiene practices to avoid exertion and, due to lack of specialized equipment such as universal cuffs, arm supports, or splints.11 There is lack of information on oral health and hygiene practices; and barriers to access to optimal oral in SCIs patients.
Data has commonly shown the disparities in health status for children and adults with intellectual disabilities (ID) and in the areas of oral health this holds true as well.
Oral lichenoid reactions are clinical and histological analogues to oral lichen planus.
There are more than 529,000 new cases of oral cancer worldwide each year, and more than 40 percent of those diagnosed die within five years.
Methods: The cross-sectional case-control study was conducted between January and December, 2015 at the Oral Surgery department of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital and the Dental department of Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre, Karachi, and comprised oral yeast samples of gutka-chewers, betel-quid-chewers, and non-chewers.
Background and Objective: Oral diseases are a major public health concern because they affect the individual's quality of life and create burden to the healthcare system.