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toward the mouth or oral region


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From orad to aborad, we observed the following: 1) the duodenum, a large and wide simple loop followed by a relatively symmetric Meckel track presenting the Meckel diverticulum at its extreme; 2) the supraduodenal or ileac loop, which is closely attached to the duodenal loop by mesenterium and vascularly supplied by branches of the duodenal vessels; 3) a large supracecal kink formed by the aborad portion of small intestine; 4) a pair of vestigial ceca; and 5) a short and straight rectum (colon) closely attached to the dorsal coelomic wall, all of which are supplied by the caudal mesenteric blood vessels.
Furthermore, ORAD currently does not contain information on important risk factors for RA, such as ethnicity or education, and we were unable to explore the effects of specific factors on disease burden.
A technician said Orad "does not deal with passengers, only with the software involved in the airport's overall security system.
As a Technical Support and Project Engineer at Orad, he worked with customers internationally, implementing systems and delivering technical assistance.
24 June 2015 - US-based video editing software provider Avid (NASDAQ: AVID) has closed its acquisition of German 3D real-time graphics, video servers, and related workflow management solutions provider Orad Hi-Tec Systems, the company said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 24, 2015-Avid Buys 3-D Graphics Software Specialist Orad Hi-Tec Systems
Leading international exhibitors such as Canon, EVS, Grass Valley, Quantel, Orad, Red Digital Cinema, Village Island, Sony and many more will be showcasing their cutting edge 4K/UHD products.
All NASH Campus programming originates from studios equipped with state-of-the-art ORAD voice-activated HD cameras that enable online streaming, HD taping and live television broadcasting.
The metallic object could be seen extending from the ventriculus cranially, ventrally, and orad from the barium (Fig 3) into the area of the hepatic silhouette.
Head of Business Operations Orad Elkayam said, “I'm thrilled that we've maintained our first place position on topseos.
Before joining WASP3D, Wlad has worked with Orad Hi-Tec Systems Ltd.
Jalisco: Sierra de Manatlan, 30-35 km SE of Autlan, precipitous seward facing slopes, 1-4 km below the summit called "La Cumbre", near the lumber orad between El Chante and Cuzalapa and above the abandoned site of Durazno, 19[grados]32' N, 104[grados]14' W, 1500-1900 m, R.
Matthew Straeb, president of North American Operations of the Manhattan-based Orad (also a member of VIA) commented, "One of the reasons a lot of the leagues are worried about signage is because virtual advertising could be used in a way that's not appropriate.
Shamrock is invested in Cinema City, Medison, SkyVision, Ahava, Orad, Teva Naot, Polymer Logistics and more.
Tenders are invited for thrattikunnu manaparambu orad metallinga nd tarring in ward-1