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Synonyms for option



Synonyms for option

the act of choosing

the power or right of choosing

Synonyms for option

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Corporate board members, including compensation and audit committee members, who themselves could be subject to investigation into backdating, may look to CFOs and senior finance executives to organize internal audits of stock option award policies and review accounting methodology.
The employee's basis in the stock received will be equal to the amount paid under the option at the exercise date.
Plus, to reduce the income statement impact of future transactions, companies need to prepare a 10-year history of stock option activity to determine the amount of the additional-paid-in-capital (APIC) pool.
The deferred tax asset remains on the books until the option is settled.
The option became a legitimate weapon only after the passages of decades, attitudes, and the arrival of the Split-T formation (Diag.
And the more uncertainty there is about that payoff (whether negative or positive), the larger the value of the option to delay making the investment or decision.
Compared to standard options, the latter mix offers a manager the downside protection and continuing incentive of a share of stock, but also, the incentive to take risk and vault over the leveraged option hurdle.
The "140" refers to the exercise price, or $140 per share, while the word "call" indicates an option to buy.
An option to purchase stock can qualify as an ISO only if the option is granted to an individual in connection with the individual's employment by a corporation, and only if granted by the employer corporation or its parent or subsidiary corporation (i.
Freddie Mac countered that a mortgage originator received an option to sell a mortgage to it in return for the commitment fee; thus, the fee was an option premium.
123(R) and found a lattice model to be substantially more flexible than a Black-Scholes model, especially with respect to restricted employee stock option nuances such as vesting, early exercise and blackout periods.
This appears to reverse past practice, but we attribute it to the custom at many companies of making a large option grant one year and then skipping the next.
It all must start with the QB making the correct option read on the LOS