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Synonyms for optimism

Synonyms for optimism

a tendency to expect a favorable outcome or to dwell on hopeful aspects

Antonyms for optimism

the optimistic feeling that all is going to turn out well

a general disposition to expect the best in all things


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The summations of individual optimism scores were calculated to determine a total optimism that would be contributed to the group.
Correlations between individual optimism contributed and group optimism levels were r = 0.
Table 1 presents the results of regression analysis for average group optimism with optimism perceived.
There is a significant positive correlation between individual optimism and the optimism of a group, the optimism of the individual and the perception of optimism, and the level of optimism in a group and the perception of optimism by the members.
Overall, the results of the analyses provide a dynamic insight into the personality dimension of optimism and the ability to perceive optimism in a group setting.
For instance, it may be observed that when individual group members are optimistic, this optimism carries over to the rest of the group members.
Finding Two: The more optimistic the individual within a group, the more optimistic the perception of the group's optimism.
On the one hand, when an individual is optimistic then that individual is more likely to perceive group optimism more optimistically than an individual who is not initially optimistic.
Finding Three: The higher the level of optimism in a group the higher the perception of optimism by the individual members.