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Synonyms for optimism

Synonyms for optimism

a tendency to expect a favorable outcome or to dwell on hopeful aspects

Antonyms for optimism

the optimistic feeling that all is going to turn out well

a general disposition to expect the best in all things


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Levels of economic optimism remain consistent with last month's results at 31%, having jumped up from 8% in December, which is well above the long term average of 19%.
Academics said the figures showed that the economy was heating up again, though not enough to qualify as widespread optimism.
The social research institution said net personal optimism on the quality of life has been 'excellent,' or +40 and above, for the past two years, except in March 2017 when its highest only reached +36.
Globally, the Philippines' 86 percent optimism level ranked fourth highest next to Indonesia (100 percent), Finland (96 percent), and Netherlands (92 percent).
Although there are findings indicating that high optimism can be linked to negative performance (Hmieleski & Baron, 2009), there are more studies in which the researchers have found that entrepreneurial optimism is positively associated with entrepreneurs' judgment and decision making about their new venture (Koudstaal et al.
BUSINESS OPTIMISM IN THE UNITED STATES has surged to a record high of 80%, according to the latest Grant Thornton mid-market business survey, "The International Business Report.
The first Conservation Optimism Summit suggests a need, as well as a cause, for optimism.
Objective: This study investigated the relationship of hardiness, optimism and professional life stress among house-job doctors serving in five public teaching hospitals in Lahore, Pakistan.
Alexander Pope had it right, if you follow the results of a survey produced by a college survey institution whose Optimism Index[TM] shows that Americans are increasingly optimistic, amid concerns over leadership and progress.
small-business owners' optimism about their business situation is mostly unchanged from earlier this year and matches the level of optimism found one year ago.
Optimism Sound Exhausting is an anthology of recent strips from the popular Dilbert newspaper comic series.
With all that has changed in the Islamic finance world and the broader Islamic economy in the last few decades, with all the growth that the industry has found, one thing has remained: optimism.
NEW research from Grant Thornton's International Business Report (IBR) reveals that optimism among UK businesses rose in the final quarter of 2015 to 73%, representing a 6% rise from the previous quarter.
The aim of the present study was twofold: First, it explored the predictive relationship of character strength and learned optimism with social competence among university students.
Optimism is a human trait that makes us see the glass half full, instead of half empty.