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Synonyms for optimal

surpassing all others in quality

Synonyms for optimal

most desirable possible under a restriction expressed or implied


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Bitcoin Oil is a developer of ledger technology aimed at the Bitcoin blockchain and the creator of Bitcoin Oil, a new cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin network with an optimally improved ledger through the use of its SSPSS improvement strategy.
The team considered all of the risk factors and calculated the 10- and 20-year risk of breast cancer as well as the 10- and 20-year absolute risk reductions if the three modifiable factors improved optimally. They performed the calculations in each study cohort, then averaged the results to confirm the possible reductions.
The optimally dosed (1 milligram of E75 plus 250 micrograms of GM-CSF) group continues to demonstrate superior efficacy compared to sub-optimal doses (varying doses from 100 - 500 micrograms E75 plus 125 - 500 micrograms GM-CSF), with a recurrence rate of 3% for the optimally dosed group vs 12% for the sub-optimally dosed group and 14% for the control group.
Summary: Brussels - The Morocco-EU Association Agreement and Action Plan, part of the European Neighborhood Policy, were implemented "optimally" by Morocco and Europe, Foreign Minister, Taib Fassi Fihri said on Monday.
The MAN trucks of the TGA-WW series are specially designed to meet the requirements of the Middle East regions and are thus optimally suited for the climatic conditions in the extreme heat and sand of the desert.
"I am committed to ensuring Traveller students are optimally positioned to benefit from the learning opportunities that will stand to them in later life."
The acquisition will enable the future joint development of optimally matched solutions.
population served by community water systems who receive optimally fluoridated water * (5).
Influenza vaccination reduces coronary ischemic events in patients with optimally treated coronary artery disease (CAD), according to a report in the June European Heart Journal.
The result is optimally sharp HD images, whether the surgeon is capturing still or slow-moving images, or rapid motion.
has introduced a new series of Miniature Solid Carbide Thread Mills that are optimally designed for easy machining of difficult materials such as stainless steels, titanium, K-monel, hastelloy, and inconel.
The 12-inch scissor-action legs are optimally tensioned and feature a Teflon[TM] O-ring for smooth, precise operation.
It is available in four versions, each with a geometry optimally suited to the customers' requirements.
By altering the design of the rasp, the company was able to create a product which optimally uses the entire surface of the rasp.
The generating capacities given relate to conditions when the turbines are working optimally and takes no account of wind availability.