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Synonyms for optimal

surpassing all others in quality

Synonyms for optimal

most desirable possible under a restriction expressed or implied


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These capabilities directly enhance Optimal Blue's network for both investors and originators, as originators can more easily connect to investors, and investors can more efficiently and accurately monitor the compliance status of their TPO networks.
Optimal Blue provides a pricing engine for the mortgage industry.
Optimal Rx send samples of the batches of liquid herbal extracts to be independently tested to maintain the highest level of quality" says Daniel Baden, Director Optimal Rx.
8m/EUR36m) of outstanding BaIDS issued by Optimal Glycols and MYR185m of outstanding BaIDS issued by Optimal Chemicals.
People who reached optimal levels in all four risk factors were 65 percent less likely to have another stroke as people who did not reach optimal levels on any of the risk factors.
For the better part of the year, Optimal Blue has been piloting the program with select clients and has used the results to formulate its 100 percent accuracy guarantee.
Using this data in conjunction with past findings, the optimal conditions for the application of boron nitride were found to be:
According to the authors of CV studies (Munroe et al 1996:62, Ember & Ember 1999:731), a high CV percentage is an optimal choice for speakers in distal communication because of its greater transmission strength.
The reevaluation results shows that the optimal dosage of sultpiride is up to 1010-1730 mg per day, higher than the currently prescribed amount.
More energy is required to swing a limb with its weight distributed toward the end than concentrated near the joint, which helps explain why studies of optimal running economy have shown that larger upper legs and smaller (and therefore lighter) feet and calve muscles improve efficiency.
A specific plan needs to be designed to give the patient optimal care.
Virtualized clustering results in optimal simplicity--simplicity of provisioning, simplicity of management, and simplicity of operation.
Once again, the optimal decision under uncertainty can be seen as the solution of an equivalent problem under certainty.
There are seven key areas of importance required to establish optimal health:
Some molders select barrel temperatures, screw speeds, and backpressures using rules of thumb that may not provide appropriate or optimal melt quality.
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