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the branch of physics that studies the physical properties of light

optical properties

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A deformable mirror or perhaps contact lenses designed with an adaptive optics system could also improve a person's vision by compensating for such aberrations, the researchers suggest.
clinical trial for its Synchrony[R] dual optic accommodating intraocular lens.
The notion of using a laser beacon together with an adaptive optics system originated in the early 1980s.
All Net Optics Taps maintain uninterrupted network access, while connected to monitoring and security devices.
CVI Technical Optics now boasts the largest polishing lap in the UK, capable of polishing optics up to 1 meter in diameter with a surface figure of lambda/10 over any 12" diameter (subject to material type, thickness of optic, and shape of optic).
Building SFP capability into our GigaBit Port Aggregator gives network managers an access point to network traffic that is adaptable to future needs," said Bob Shaw, CEO of Net Optics.
Net Optics System Manager is an SNMP management tool that offers central management of all Net Optics iMatrix Switches in the network.
A key element of our vision statement is: 'Accept responsibility to preserve our environment and benefit our communities'," said Bob Shaw, CEO of Net Optics.
5 million in cash for all outstanding Digital Optics equity.
The total investment in unrepeatered fiber optics is forecast to grow from a current $2.
Several newer applications areas, such as Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) in the pharmaceutical industry and the detection of counterfeit drugs (pharma forensics), as well as food, feed and agricultural analysis, have been growing particularly fast at Bruker Optics in recent years.
We are not new to the precision-optics business, but until now our expertise has been mostly locked up within Agilent and only available to support our internal products," said Vince Barich, Precision Optics operations manager.
Typical 6-inch beam expanded interferometers force manufacturers to provide "stitched" data, which is prone to significant errors for optics larger than 12 inches (305mm).
Today it is widely recognized as a world leader in the manufacture of high quality crystal and precision optics products.
The HFBR-7934Z parallel optic transceiver module is compliant with the POP4 (Pluggable Optics four-channel) multi-source agreement, and combines an 850 nm VCSEL with custom laser-driver integrated circuitry.