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the branch of physics that studies the physical properties of light

optical properties

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The company announced that it had received the European CE Mark for the Synchrony[R] Dual Optic Accommodating IOL in June of 2006, which allows them to expand into post-marketing research studies within Europe to further build the scientific foundation for Synchrony.
The notion of using a laser beacon together with an adaptive optics system originated in the early 1980s.
All Net Optics Taps maintain uninterrupted network access, while connected to monitoring and security devices.
Fiber Optics & Infrared Optics - Breathing New Life II-33
III-4 Hurdles in the Mainstream Adoption of Fiber Optic Cable Technology for Home III-4 US Government Tightens Control on Undersea Cable Services and Systems III-5 Fiber Optics Industry Benefits from Telecom Regulatory Act, 1996 III-5 Competitive Scenario III-5
CVI Technical Optics now boasts the largest polishing lap in the UK, capable of polishing optics up to 1 meter in diameter with a surface figure of lambda/10 over any 12" diameter (subject to material type, thickness of optic, and shape of optic).
As networks grow, using the iMatrix Switch provides visibility into the health of a network while providing the flexibility of multiple access and control options," said Bob Shaw, CEO of Net Optics.
By leveraging our core competencies in building IP businesses, we believe that by the end of the decade, we can develop a consumer optics IP business with licensing and royalty revenues of a similar scale to Tessera's current semiconductor packaging business.
The total investment in unrepeatered fiber optics is forecast to grow from a current $2.
Several newer applications areas, such as Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) in the pharmaceutical industry and the detection of counterfeit drugs (pharma forensics), as well as food, feed and agricultural analysis, have been growing particularly fast at Bruker Optics in recent years.
NYSE:A) today announced that its precision optics design and manufacturing capability, grown for more than 35 years as an internal resource, is now available to external customers.
ONCHAN, Isle of Man -- CVI Technical Optics is pleased to announce the installation of a 12-inch Zygo(R) interferometer in its Isle of Man manufacturing facility.