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Synonyms for optical

serving, resulting from, or relating to the sense of sight


Synonyms for optical

relating to or using sight

of or relating to or resembling the eye

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2006) Active digestion of sperm mitochondrial DNA in single living sperm revealed by optical tweezers.
Compared to conventional optical tweezers, plasmonic nanostructures can create high local field enhancements and provide an optical force to be more suitable for trapping nanoparticles [22-25].
First proposed as a scientific theory in 1986 and prototyped by a University of Chicago team in 1997, holographic optical tweezers have been lauded as indispensible for researching cutting-edge ideas in physics, chemistry, and biology.
This paper reports an effort at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) to develop a VE for an optical tweezers system from concept to implementation.
Using a unique experimental setup that combines microfluidics and optical tweezers, we will uncover for the first time actin bundles mechanosensitive capabilities, both in tension and compression.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers from the Institute for Advances Studies in Basic Sciences in Zanjan studied the axial potential of optical tweezers and succeeded in using this device for dynamometric purposes in experiments such as DNA tension and studying the mechanical properties of biocells.
Some topics addressed include 3D display and imaging, LCOS spatial light modulators, holographic TV, and 3D particle control by holographic optical tweezers.
It was the first time optical tweezers have been used to manipulate chemical gradients.
Calibration routines for the characterization of the optical tweezers are performed automatically and archived together with all experimental data and images.
Techniques covered include (for example) cryo-electron microscopy, PET imaging, optical tweezers, and chemical genetics.
Craighead cited optical tweezers, patch-clamp measurements and single ion channel instruments as examples of nanoscale technologies that are widely used in biological research.
The time required to model the physics associated with the optical tweezers instrument depends on the objective of the work and the accuracies required.
Ashkin was selected based on his theoretical and experimental contributions to the understanding of laser cooling and trapping of atoms and particles; for demonstrating the optical gradient forces on atoms and the trapping of atoms with light; and for inventing optical tweezers and showing how they can be used to measure physical forces.
Now the presence of a component of a ligand:binder pair can be sensed directly by using the laser-based technique of optical tweezers.
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