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an electronic device that generates a digital representation of an image for data input to a computer

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The answer appears to be that the post office's optical scanner read a "1" as a "2." That wasn't easy, for as you may have noticed, the anthrax terrorist, although he may be a criminal or a lunatic or both, has excellent penmanship.
The sensor would be placed under the display and will be an optical scanner armed with ultrasonic sensors which will make it faster than regular fingerprint sensors.
The website was hacked by the group Anonymous Philippines which asked the poll body to implement the security features of the Precinct Count Optical Scanner (Pcos).
"The equipment for registration of biometric data will include portable personal computer, optical scanner for fingerprints, web camera, monitor, tablet to capture signature, secured cases, wires, power supply filters," Baktybek Sekimov stated.
If the document is on paper, a fast and convenient way to load it into the computer is to use an optical scanner, a device that reads words and graphics, translates them into computer language and uploads them.
After rinsing away the rest of the sample, the physician, still in the office, would place the strip into a $500, shoebox-sized optical scanner that would shine light onto the strip and monitor the angle and intensity of the reflections.
Apple's fingerprint sensor uses capacitance technology which means a real fingerprint is required as opposed to black and white images that could be used on an optical scanner.
An optical scanner looks and functions like an office copier, but instead of reproducing the actual image, like a camera, it scans the document and then converts each tiny element of color and shade of gray into an electronic code, which is then stored on an optical disk.
The company behind the precinct count optical scanner (PCOS) machines has assured the public that it has laid out the necessary safeguards to ensure that the counting machines will not be prone to hacking in the 2016 polls.
Supply of computers, an optical scanner, computer networking requisites, also computer printers.
Lawmakers want to establish whether the Spanish firm really has the requisite experience manufacturing voting machines and the capability of managing elections as complex as the Philippines' that require more than 100,000 computerized optical scanner machines at the precinct level.
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