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Optical rotation values were measured on a JASCO DIP-360 polarimeter.
Optical Rotation. Optical rotation of monomer [M.sub.1] was performed by the Perkin Elmer 341 polarimeter.
When the photosensitive tube detected b, T3 will be produced as the output; only by passing through CG, the elec-signal sent by g can impact Lc, thus generating T4; under the control of elec-signals sent by g, Lc can change its optical rotation, thus generating T5.
The steam distillation method yielded oil with a congealing of 17C (Table 1).The optical rotation of M.
This double refraction of the circular polarized waves is also called circular birefringence from where the optical rotation is derived, as it rotates the plane of polarization of the polarized waves.
The specific optical rotation [[alpha] (deg mL [dm.sup.-1] [g.sup.-1]) was calculated by the following formula:
The basic operation mode of optical magnetometers involves the following mechanisms: Coherent Population Trapping (CPT), Nonlinear-Magneto Optical Rotation (NMOR), Spin-Exchange Relaxation Free (SERF) regime, and Mx magnetometer.
Parameters include density, refractive index, optical rotation, color, pH, and sound velocity.
Then the physico-chemical properties percentage yield, specific gravity, refractive index, optical rotation, acidvalue and ester value were determined according to the methods described by Guenther (1948).
One might use USP <616> Bulk and Tapped Density if one were to use mannitol as a binder, but use USP <781> Optical Rotation USP if the mannitol is intended as a sweetening agent.
Following the introductory chapter, he presents discussion of fundamental principles; optics for spectroscopy; spectroscopy of atoms; molecular absorption spectroscopy; luminescence spectrophotometry; photoacoustic spectroscopy; scattering, diffraction, and reflection; circular dichroism and optical rotation; and near-infrared spectroscopy.
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