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a disk coated with plastic that can store digital data as tiny pits etched in the surface

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Browse Full "Recordable Optical Disc Market: Global Industry Analysis and Opportunity Assessment 2015 - 2025" Report at http://www.
Factors driving the recordable optical disc market are increasing consumer inclination towards recording HD broadcasts, growing demand for content protection and widening applications of the optical discs.
These were the first charges filed by the DOJ as part of an ongoing investigation of the optical disc industry.
Three new or improved polycarbonate resins for optical discs were introduced by GE Plastics, Pittsfield, Mass.
3--Color) Service engineer Mike Dixon describes his work using a computer that scans the discs for imperfections at Optical Disc Media.
Since 1988, optical disc manufacturers have relied on DCA's pre-mastering, mastering and verification products.
Sony's Optical Disc Archive already plays an essential role in many media operations, and StorageDNA's DNA Evolution software opens up a wealth of new capabilities," said Alan Gagliardotto, Sony's Product Marketing Manager for Optical Disc Archive.
have demonstrated two- to six-level optical discs that are capable of up to 10 times the density of conventional discs.
Table 54: US Historic Review for Digital Storage Devices bySegment - Hard Disk Drive, Optical Disc (Blu-Ray, DVD andCD), and Flash Drive (USB Flash Memory Drive and Others)Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures inThousand Units for Years 2006 through 2012 (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) III-14
com's optical disc data recovery system (ODRS), code name "Elixir," was developed by the company's research and development laboratory, where technical specialists perform reverse engineering on data storage units that have no known method for extracting corrupted data or have data that is inaccessible by typical means.
In addition to formatters, DCA provides a full line of next generation optical disc production tools, including the Viper loading, analysis & verification tool, and Blazer AACS encryption workstation, both of which were used for the production of this disc.
CONTACT: Ralph Oshiro of Optical Disc, 310-946-3050; or John van Barneveld of Public Communications/West, 310-944-4626/
July 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Compact disc mastering at eight times standard density -- the highest ever achieved -- took the industry by storm when Optical Disc Corp.
com, began putting together a comprehensive marketing plan for the dual-sided, hybrid optical disc in the late spring/early summer of this year.