optic axis

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in a doubly refracting crystal, the line in the direction of which no double refraction occurs

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a line that passes through the center of curvature of a lens so that light is neither reflected nor refracted

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of the anisotropic medium in each layer after its optic axis is tilted with respect z-axis and x-axis can be represented as
More than 15 types of S60 sensors are available, each equipped with a standard M12 connector that can be rotated in a 90[degrees] are so the sensor can be mounted in straight and right angle positions relative to its optic axis.
With the high magnification of a stereomicroscope, we identified the ommatidium whose optic axis was aligned with that of the microscope.
Do you just want to visualize your object or are you trying to quantitatively measure dimensions, refractive index, birefringence, or optic axis angle?
Spherical Aberrations result from the fact that focal points of light rays far from the optic axis of a spherical lens are different from the focal points of rays of the same wavelength passing near the center.