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of or relating to or resembling the eye

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For small specialist groups such as the opthalmic nurses, using the HIIRC system is beneficial, quick, easy-to-use and free.
Vision-X Dubai brings together the latest eyewear fashion while offering a platform for the opthalmic industry to come together and create new business opportunities," said Trixee Loh, senior vice president, Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC), organiser of the event.
Two patients were admitted to the Worcester Opthalmic Hospital during Christmas Day, suffering from injuries sustained in a most curious manner.
The company won the award for developing patented special dyes for opthalmic lenses.
Sarah Gray, an opthalmic nurse at the Animal Health Trust clinic in Newmarket, Suffolk, said: "Buster may be a celebrity but he was the perfect patient.
Naval Opthalmic Support and Training Activity (NOSTRA) can procure to accommodate prescription safety eyewear.
of Texas) updates 355 products and adds 233 more in this edition of his collection of all currently available stability information published in the last 45 years for drugs in compounded oral, enteral, topical, opthalmic, and other forms.
Initial testing shows the new optical grade cast elastomers are well suited for applications ranging from opthalmic lenses and flexible visors to bulletproof enclosures.
Now 83, Mr Lyons keeps in touch with the latest developments in the opthalmic field and is invited to the department's weekly lunchtime clinical meetings.
As if to underscore this point, many of the pieces on the walls weren't original drawings but ink-jet prints, enlarged somewhat for our opthalmic pleasure.
The investment will swell Allergan's local acrylic intraocular lens and opthalmic surgical equipment production by 92%, and will create 150 new jobs, said Xavier Romeu, executive director of the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Co.
Tenders are invited for Supply and installation of equipment opthalmic unit
This richly illustrated textbook-atlas covers the basics of opthalmic surgery and associated issues including informed consents, medico legal issues and ethics.
Opthalmic company OptiMedica Corp on Thursday announced that its Catalys Precision Laser System has been CE mark approved.