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choose not to do something, as out of fear of failing


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When people opt out they also give up large employer contributions into their pension pot.
United have a system whereby season card holders sign up to automatically buy cup tickets with some opt outs.
Mass opt outs of new airport x-ray scanners are being planned across the US for 24 November, a consumer group said today.
Yet Dr Mohamed Mukadam, chairman of the Association of Muslim Schools in Birmingham, said the 'opt out' would allow faith schools to teach difficult topics in the way that parents wished.
If your recipients no longer wish to receive your emails and can't opt out, they may report you as spam.
While MEPs congratulated the Slovenian EU Presidency for breaking the deadlock on that directive and on the temporary agency workers directive, many of them criticised the fact that there would be an 'opt out' from the 48-hour week.
The federal financial institutions supervisory agencies on July 2, 2004, issued proposed regulations that would give consumers the chance to opt out before a financial institution uses information provided by an affiliated company to market its products and services to the consumer.
The other provision may actually prevent some junk e-mail, but rather than banning unsolicited messages, it allows citizens who have already received an unsolicited e-mail from one firm to "opt out" of receiving any more by rousing themselves to action.
* Give the recipient of any e-mail you send a clear, easy way to opt out of receiving future commercial e-mail.
Denmark won the right to opt out of the single currency and joint defence, police and legal cooperation after the Danes rejected the Maastricht Treaty in 1992.
* clearly provide consumers the right to opt out of having their person al information shared with nonaffiliated third parties;
About 42 percent of Texas employers opt out of the workers' comp system.
Insiders say it will be replaced by more Scottish news on BBC1 after the main evening news bulletin meaning the end of the 20 minute opt out from the main Newsnight.
A controversial topic that plagued many of the bills introduced in Congress is the notion of allowing patients to "opt out" of having certain information stored in their medical record.
"When people opt out of direct marketing, organisations must stop sending it, no questions asked, until such time as the consumer gives their consent.