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an antibody in blood serum that attaches to invading microorganisms and other antigens to make them more susceptible to the action of phagocytes

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In the NBT "glass" slides, the adherence of the neutrophils to the glass surface in the presence of opsonin causes some neutrophils to take up and reduce the NBT.
The team will work to develop manufacturing and integration strategies for its core pathogen-binding opsonin and Spleen-on-a-Chip fluidic separation technologies, as well as a novel coating technology called "SLIPS," which is a super-hydrophobic coating inspired from the slippery surface of a pitcher plant that repels nearly any material it contacts.
And although Ridgeon informs Sir Patrick in the play's opening scene that the test for the proper opsonin level is a simple matter, by the end of act 3 he deliberately neglects to communicate this vital piece of information to B.
(39) CRP is an opsonin and marker of inflammation that correlates with increased cardiac risk.
Complement was involved, acting as an opsonin. It also turned out that those antibodies against the nucleus and/or its constituents--the anti-DNA antibodies--were just the tip of an iceberg.
It appears that there is a balance through which CRP is capable of acting as an opsonin in the host response to infection, but at the same time, limiting excessive damaging inflammatory response to the host (9).
A novel role of Periplaneta lectin as an opsonin to recognize 2-keto-3-deoxy octonate residues of bacterial lipopolysaccharide.
It was more likely that IgY behaves as an opsonin facilitating the uptake of the fungus by phagocytes.
Differential release of superoxide anions by macrophages treated with long and short fibre amosite asbestos is a consequence of differential affinity for opsonin. Occup Environ Med 52:92-98 (1995).
Purification and characterization of a humoral opsonin, with specificity for D-galactose, in the colonial ascidian Botryllus schlosseri.
Finally, as much as 3 x [10.sup.8] cells in our body die by apoptosis each hour, and CD36 together with integrins and the TAM/ opsonin system participates in the uptake of apoptotic cells by tissue macrophages representing a tremendous source of metabolite input at a steady state and during apoptotic bursts associated with development or inflammation.
Berger, "Neutrophil elastase cleaves C3bi on opsonized pseudomonas as well as CR1 on neutrophils to create a functionally important opsonin receptor mismatch," The Journal of Clinical Investigation, vol.
Opsonization Process by which an opsonin faciliatate phagocytosis.