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  • verb

Synonyms for oppugn

to refuse to admit the truth, reality, value, or worth of

Synonyms for oppugn

challenge the accuracy, probity, or propriety of

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(35) The pattern also holds in Gentylnes and Nobylyte, which oppugns attribution of the play's debates to Rastell (see Wakelin, Gentleness and Nobility', 196).
This is due, in great extent, to the inherent difficulties in carrying out in-site studies, which are also oppugned by occupying forces, and to the very nature of these studies that need long periods of follow-up, high number of samples, people highly skilled for data-gathering, and so on.
[I]f a legislative act oppugns a constitutional principle, the former must give way, and be rejected on the force of repugnance....
Crisp and his kind contemptuously oppugned not only the puritans' "gracious qualifications" of soul but also their "legal" walk of righteousness: good works are conductors of sociability--and must be pursued with due care, being "profitable to men"--but Crisp, with eyes only for Christ, shriveled their part in God's plan to less than a "jot." (35) God, to be sure, will sanctify, but his law is a "tyrant's" instrument, and the "marks and signs" of legal obedience engender "extreme" puzzlement and "much" trouble.
clear position; that if a legislative act oppugns a constitutional