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  • adj

Synonyms for opprobrious

of, relating to, or characterized by verbal abuse

meriting or causing shame or dishonor

Synonyms for opprobrious

expressing offensive reproach

Related Words

(used of conduct or character) deserving or bringing disgrace or shame

References in classic literature ?
On no fewer than four occasions the police were called in to receive denunciations of Mr Meagles as a Knight of Industry, a good-for- nothing, and a thief, all of which opprobrious language he bore with the best temper (having no idea what it meant), and was in the most ignominious manner escorted to steam-boats and public carriages, to be got rid of, talking all the while, like a cheerful and fluent Briton as he was, with Mother under his arm.
He will tell you, it is all pfuscherei, which is his most opprobrious word
He called the panther every opprobrious name that fell to his tongue.
Whenever they mentioned Makola's name they always added to it an opprobrious epithet.
This is economic sanction aimed at getting both the herdsmen and a complicit federal government to reconsider their opprobrious actions and toe the line of reason.
16) This usage enjoyed a vogue, indicating particularly bloody or opprobrious lone murders, before the introduction of the word assassination in the early seventeenth century.
at 1177 ("[T]he gist of the complaint is that CU sanctioned, supported, even funded, a program (showing recruits a 'good time') that, without proper control, would encourage young men to engage in opprobrious acts.
The uncritical "ugly slave" interpretation ascribes "Chounu" to the general genre of opprobrious names.
Under such a circumstance, there is nothing morally opprobrious about money-making so long as it helps protect the interests of the shoemakers and the English people in general against foreign dealers.
Mandatory Civility Norms Limiting the Use of Opprobrious or Insulting Language in Public II.
That such punishments, lasting days on end, were meted out for "speaking mutinous and opprobrious words" (qtd.
Republican' was an opprobrious term used by conservatives to
Presence of opprobrious ethnic schism in these plural societies is a major obstacle in the way of growth of a nation.
Indeed, "no pronouncement of a legislature can forestall attack upon the constitutionality of the prohibition which it enacts by applying opprobrious epithets to the prohibited act .
Activity is "protected" if it is neither violent nor sufficiently opprobrious.