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Synonyms for oppressor

Synonyms for oppressor

an absolute ruler, especially one who is harsh and oppressive

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So, this brief review of a few of his poems shows that Iftikhar Arif has recorded silence in stages: from the conception of its necessity all the way to its implementation on the part of the oppressor, and from complete surrender to voiced silence to being ready to speak up even if it costs one's life.
In thinking about the oppressor, activists distinguished between goals, strategies, and tactics.
You are an oppressor, cruel and at the head of state terror," Erdogan told Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu.
cover & render her erotic, for the oppressor sometimes saves the
'If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.'
A man who always stood for democracy and change in Kenya and who solemnly swore to never accept a regime that had fraudulently stolen the votes of fellow Kenyans, tortured and killed its opponents, ordered an illegal shutdown of the media and has repeatedly disrespected the Judiciary - this very man stepped out with the oppressor and called him 'my brother'.
"The society has a responsibility to stand by them and tell them that it is not their mistake but that of the oppressor.
For this reason, the address, "O oppressor," never targets just a single person.
But I don't fear from the reaction of the oppressor against you, because the bloods of Iraqis are dear on us, especially that Iraq suffers from a bitter status-quo that might be exploited against you," Sadr said, answering a question about the demonstrations taking place in different parts of Iraq nowadays.
Akec February 14, 2010 -- The little yet influential book of Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, should make a good reading for many South Sudanese during these testing times of count down to elections, if only to be reminded of its key theme: for some to be [free] is to be like oppressor. This time- tested premise by Freire speaks of the melanoma suffered by many of the former freedom fighters turned-rulers who emerge from years of struggle against oppression of man by man, and having internalized the oppressor's consciousness, turn against their fellow men and women to dehumanize them and unleach on them the most attrocious acts of repression as a way of expressing their attainment of freedom.
It added: "To those groups still intent on a violent agenda and who would declare themselves the protectors of the community against the oppressor, we say listen to the voice of that community.
Is there some other discourse or pedagogy that can make more progress in transforming White consciousness and forming alliances among both oppressor and oppressed?"
The title of her new show, "My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love," says it all: we are the shadow; it is us.
Women around the globe are murdered when they dare to speak out against their oppressors. Those who survive and dare to call themselves feminist are alienated from the mass culture by the media and other voices of the oppressor.
When they play, says Barenboim, "They are all equal; there is not the 'oppressor' and the 'oppressed,' the 'militant' and the 'military.'" "The West-Eastern Divan, which meets for a workshop in Seville, Spain, every summer, has toured Europe, the U.S., and the Middle East.