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Synonyms for oppressor

Synonyms for oppressor

an absolute ruler, especially one who is harsh and oppressive

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The victim needs solace and the oppressor perhaps needs treatment, whereas other family member also needs moral support.
But they wickedly played the sentiment card for their own bargains, conveying and convincing the oppressor to accommodate only them, lest the voice of freedom is sure to reverberate and resound,' he deplored, Kashmir Media Service reported.
Those who are committed to taking revenge for something are oppressors.
It is only when the oppressed find the oppressor out and become involved in the organized struggle for their liberation that they begin to believe in themselves.
Surely we can recognize that when the oppressor is devoid of a sense of moral decency, this tactic of non-violence is not likely to be effective or appropriate.
It represents a form of critical multiculturalism that seeks to move those who consciously or unconsciously surveil the hegemony of the oppressor from their comfortable, "neutral" place towards a transformed and deliberate monitoring of a type of social justice that is in alliance with the oppressed (Allen, 2005).
ON EXHIBIT: "My Complement, My Enemy, My Oppressor, My Love," curated by Walker Art Center (WalkerArt.
Removing key staffing components from SWC and insisting that research and lobbying components of women's organizations will not be funded will ensure that few criticize the oppressor.
She inverted readers' expectations, forcing them to examine their own assumptions and instincts, to perceive how they might identify with and even become the alienator, dominator, and oppressor.
But, he compels us through image to examine ourselves as oppressor, victim, warrior and bystander.
The irony was that Ukraine's historic oppressor emboldened the country to press for freedom.
When we respond to the oppressor the way the oppressor has done--with the use of violence--then we lose our moral strength.
Morrison reverses the traditional slave narrative format and expands the scope of the reader's comprehension by investigating a crime committed by the oppressed rather than by the oppressor.
The paper describes Freire's theory for transforming the oppressor and critically assesses his theory.