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Synonyms for oppressiveness

a feeling of being oppressed


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unwelcome burdensome difficulty

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He has not known the oppressiveness of boring, repetitious work undertaken just to put food on the table.
It developed its rationale of a 'Third Way' between the free market and the state, drawing on the sociology of Anthony Giddens to propose a new compromise between the flexibility and dynamism of markets and the oppressiveness of government, advocating what it called 'active welfare'.
The book challenges some prior assumptions about the oppressiveness of Ontario's liquor control regime.
Its under-lit oppressiveness is mirrored by Mic Pool's faintlysinister soundscape with its hints of Miles Davis here and unsettling, laboured breathing there.
This question is explored throughout the film as we see what it takes for the characters to break free from the seemingly insurmountable oppressiveness of their situations.
If so, we are headed for a disaster worse than the oppressiveness of a Protestant culture.
Adrienne Rich's struggles with the oppressiveness of postwar expectations for young wives and mothers ultimately led her to develop a political poetics that radically changed the course for women writers who followed her.
What particularly marks Wilson's account is her sensitivity to Woolf's personal, psychological and aesthetic response to London, such as the nuances she identifies in Woolf's emotional and symbolic engagement with different spaces on the London map (between the vitality of the city center and the oppressiveness of the suburbs, the peace and intellectual stimulation of bohemian Bloomsbury and the social respectability and demands of Victorian Kensington, the exclusivity of Bond Street compared with the gaudy dynamism of Oxford Street, the seriousness and purpose of the City, the mental escape of Regent's Park, and the emotional intensity symbolized by the Thames, and so on), and her recognition of the powerful importance to Woolf of its history and prehistoric past.
establish such oppressiveness and vexation to a defendant as to be out of all proportion to plaintiffs convenience.
The very oppressiveness of the Verwoerd and Botha regimes provided the heat to refine this "almost flawless diamond" - as Archbishop Desmond Tutu described him on his emergence from prison.
Rather, it was to do the theologian's work of speaking truth to power, and to engage in dialogue on topics of vital concern, especially in community and solidarity with those who are suffering from and vulnerable to the oppressiveness and exclusivity of the church's current doctrine of sexuality
In his descriptions of the parties and parks and pubs where writers gathered and talked, Sampson captures the excitement of the city breaking away from the oppressiveness of the 40s and 50s and feeling a new sense of independence and intellectual freedom.
In his discussion of economic globalization, Chung finally begins to interact with several modern proponents of free-market economics, with the hope of demonstrating an innate oppressiveness in the free-market system, though his interaction with opposing views is limited.
Heidegger thus claims that the 'absence of oppressiveness is what fundamentally oppresses and leaves us most profoundly empty, i.
Headley proceeds from this premise: "The current literary and intellectual fashions that prevail in the life of our campuses suggest that there is nothing unique or exceptional about Western civilization except perhaps its oppressiveness.