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Synonyms for oppressiveness

a feeling of being oppressed


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unwelcome burdensome difficulty

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"The eerie silence upon completion was a testament to the terrifying oppressiveness of the War.
In short, the oppressiveness of life in the Arab world is no longer keeping the people down.
She is representative of this generation of colleagues who found sociology in the middle of "student activism contesting the US war on Vietnam, the oppressiveness of (...) society, and the narrowness of university curriculum." She is part of this group of sociologists who quickly rejects founders such as H.
Mathias adds Lelia to this study and argues that it is the oppressiveness of material reality that turns Sand's characters increasingly toward alternative, internal, and more abstract visions of reality.
It's not always easy to tell a story non-verbally and I have to confess I wasn't always completely sure what was going on, while other scenes seemed to be laboured long after their point had been made, increasing the sense of the oppressiveness of Pinocchio's predicaments.
In a speech prepared for a debate with William Buckley (later published in The Presidential Papers), Mailer explains that the oppressiveness of totalitarianism is a "moral disease" (175) that in turn causes an "unspeakable illness of the psyche" (165).
De la Fuente identifies a peculiar process: Despite the stunning rise of the sugar economy and the growing oppressiveness of the Cuban plantation complex, slaves managed to formalize customary legal rights that had existed prior to the rise of plantation economy.
There is little sense of hardship, struggle or melancholy in its depiction of the Meredith household during the years following World War I and the Depression, and no clear sense of the smallness or oppressiveness of their house.
New Left radicals had connected with real struggles of working people in a manner that both advanced their cause and opened debates about the continued oppressiveness and exploitation of modern industrial capitalism.
Father rules the first half of the play with an iron list and an acid tongue, and the oppressiveness of his constant verbal abuse spreads to the very space itself.
He has not known the oppressiveness of boring, repetitious work undertaken just to put food on the table.
The book challenges some prior assumptions about the oppressiveness of Ontario's liquor control regime.
It developed its rationale of a 'Third Way' between the free market and the state, drawing on the sociology of Anthony Giddens to propose a new compromise between the flexibility and dynamism of markets and the oppressiveness of government, advocating what it called 'active welfare'.
Its under-lit oppressiveness is mirrored by Mic Pool's faintlysinister soundscape with its hints of Miles Davis here and unsettling, laboured breathing there.