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expressing antithesis or opposition


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The second tenet posits that the dialogically oppositive relationship of the Ego and Alter generates social knowledge (i.e., collectively shared knowledge and social practices).
If for Hjelmslev and Coseriu norm represents a level of abstraction in linguistic analysis, located in between system and speech, the prescribed norm is a particular aspect of the language in which actions are assessed through reference to the correct-incorrect oppositive couple.
Reality is constructed by oppositive, hegemonic and counterhegemonic, fragments.
L'expression la plus radicale de la doctrine ecologiste est celle qui confere une dimension spirituelle a la nouvelle conscience ecologique, ou l'autorealisation de l'individu devient coincidente avec la profonde identification avec les autres, jusqu a contester l'idee de personne, toujours manifestee comme un sujet rapporte de maniere oppositive au cosmos (28).
However, oppositive coordination, as in example (57) can also be indicated with the conjunctive coordinator amayux, as in example (58).
Foot draws attention to the oppositive relationship between memory and history, whether history is concerned with preserving the past or preserving a version of that past.
La structure oppositive est mise en defaut (...) Les deux antonymes noir et blanc connaissent tous deux la figuralite usuelle, mais pas dans le meme contexte et pas dans le meme sens.
But both keepers had to be on top of their form in the first-half when Coleraine's Davy O'Hare did well to parry an Andy Crawford header onto his post while his oppositive number, Michael Doherty, produced a superb stop to deny Coleraine skipper, Tommy McCallion.
"It seems eyeing up the oppositive sex is a vital part of the dating game."
On the level of phonology, for example, we must ignore the intrinsic, wild value of sounds in order to use them to carry the oppositive distinctions of civilized language.
This will be illustrated by analyzing the semantics of the negative affixal class, which includes two main subclasses: the lexical subclass of oppositive affixes and the subclass of reversatives.
The thing is that you'll now have to be sexy to the oppositive sex if you smoke.
According to Leitao (2000, 2007, 2008b, 2011) this process of negotiation allows, in the individual psychological functioning, a reflection about ideas and alternative perspectives that are brought to the argumentation by the three basic elements that constitute it: the argument (point of view and support elements), the counter-argument (oppositive elements that challenge the argument) and the response to the oppositive elements.
Il maestro di setticlavio presenta anche una serie di doppi interni alla stessa vicenda, e fra i personaggi si crea una tramatura di legami che li organizza a coppie, similari od oppositive: Nene e lo zio condividono un'esistenza pura e isolata, e una pratica musicale limpida e lineare; (19) Zen e Mirate possiedono entrambi una tendenza allo sfoggio virtuosistico in ambienti volgari; (20) fra Nene e Mirate vi e un legame affettivo di natura passionale, e la prima vive con sofferenza la progressiva degradazione del tenore; similmente tra Chisiola e Zen vi e un legame affettivo di natura amicale, e l'anziano maestro osserva con tristezza l'ingigantirsi dell'ossessione musicale nell'altro; Chisiola e stato maestro di Zen, questi consiglia Mirate.
This experimental study aims at determining to what extent the predominant use of technical-tactical actions and combinations within the oppositive relations can develop the junior 1st basketball players' personality.