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one that opposes another in a battle, contest, controversy, or debate

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Meanwhile, Washington had strongly condemned Russia's action of jailing Russian oppositionist Alexei Navalny, after being accused of embezzlement yesterday.
Oppositionist party Batkivshchyna (leader - Yulia Tymoshenko) listed plans to facilitate ratification of the association agreement and the free trade agreement with the EU, as well as visa-free regime.
Sudan's Islamist oppositionist Hassan Al-Turabi (ST)
For this reason, some Syrian oppositionist Salafists who have fled their country to Lebanon are holding extensive talks with Lebanese Christian leaderships and figures and some secret meetings are taking place during which the Salafists are explaining their points of view and their vision regarding the future regime in Syrian which will embrace "a civil, democratic and pluralist state", said the daily citing unnamed sources as saying.
For example, an oppositionist resolution stating the need for SWOC staff to be placed in steel producing communities and be acceptable to steel workers in those communities was easily defeated.
98 percent of the voting stations, with Party of Regions getting 30 percent of the votes, oppositionist Batkivshchyna - 25.
However, AL AKHBAR asks, "what about its oppositionist position?
And who will convince Moscow and Tehran for example that no one believes their claims about their insistence on a peaceful solution through dialogue, while their ally - the Syrian regime - wants to monopolize the selection of the "valid" oppositionist to negotiate in Geneva?
9 percent, oppositionist Batkivshchyna, whose leader is the convicted ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, - 16.
The veteran oppositionist further decalred that the NCF's goal was to restore unity with South Sudan and end the wars in South Kordofan and Blue Nile.
The norms provided by the new bill will minimize all possible falsification of the election result in 2012, explained Ruslan Knyazevych, a member of the Ukrainian parliament who represents the oppositionist center-right party NUNS.
Russian oppositionist, with a rare radioactive isotope, in London in 2006.
A new civic coalition named "People Power" was announced in Kyiv, on Friday, July 2, and includes from the right fellow oppositionist Yulia Tymoshenko and from the left Oleksandr Zinchenko, a social democrat and deputy speaker of Ukraine's parliament.
Hence, the language of murder, whether with the bullets of tyranny or the spears of terrorism, is one and the same, and the assassination of oppositionist Mohamed Brahmi after Chokri Belaid in Tunisia is a warning to Ennahda Party that it should stop killing the hopes of the revolutionary youth.
At this level, allow us to recall that the Egyptian army never once interfered to protect the freedom of one oppositionist, or save him from death or imprisonment, whether he was a liberal or an Islamist