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Synonyms for oppositional

acting against or in opposition

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The first two chapters of Gilmartin's impressively disciplined study consider the ideological and formal relationships that determine the variety of oppositional writing produced in the wake of the revolutionary crisis of the 1790s.
Knee, "Conduct and Oppositional Disorder in Clinically Referred Children with Attention-Deficit Disorder: A Controlled Study," Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 26, 1987, 724-727.
Oppositional and conduct disorders can evolve into major problems as these youngsters grow into adulthood.
He chooses to identify with his triumvirate: |Is it not because we ourselves live in the wake of 1968 [...] that collectively we have become so interested in the concept of the oppositional?' (p.xiii).
The talks witnessed a turnout form a broad array of oppositional figures in Syria, including Fayez Sarah, Ahmed Al-Jarbah, and Hassan Abdul Azeem.
Earlier, the party Free Georgia called on all oppositional forces to support Nino Burjanadze's candidacy at the forthcoming
The most striking finding in this study of 140 children aged 3-12 years who underwent adenotonsillectomy involved the 81% reduction in the prevalence of oppositional defiant disorder (ODD) at 6 months post surgery, Dr.
A tomoxetine had no lasting effect on oppositional defiant disorder symptoms in a new report of manufacturer data from children with both ODD and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.
Topics include creating parent training for low-income ethnic minority families, teaching divorced mothers to encourage resilience in their children, finding programs for families with autistic children or those with Asperger syndrome, intervening in child anxiety, training to overcome school refusal behavior, using new public health approaches, curtailing physical abuse, treating children with oppositional behavior and with both ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder, and children with aggression.
When she performs Duncan's dances, you see the glorious sweep through space, the oppositional skips, the swooping torso.
On the contrary: Attending closely to the rhetoric of both Giuliani and arts professionals, Fraser regards these positions (populism versus elitism) not so much as oppositional but as continuous.
In the next chapter on the Fifth Monarchist Anna Trapnel, Holstun plausibly situates the prophetess and published author of a radical religious position condemning Cromwell in an emerging oppositional public sphere, but as a voice of class struggle she comes up a bit short.
Jay Rosen crystallized the debate on November 3 with the provocative suggestion that some media outlets currently in the Objective camp might switch to a self-consciously Oppositional stance, treating the Bush administration more like Rush Limbaugh treats Hillary Clinton.
As Protestant warrior queen and militant protectress of international Calvinism, she dominates the oppositional discourses of the period, a glorious foil setting off the alleged failings of her successors; but Stuart texts also represent her as benevolent and majestic absolutist facing down an insubordinate Commons; as master-architect of a via media between prerogative and Parliamentary rule; as female figurehead deferring to the masculine wisdom of her advisors; as Machiavellian despot; as the "embodiment of Whiggery" (109).
Using stories based on actual classroom cases, Hall and Hall illustrate the key concepts and techniques needed to successfully teach oppositional students.