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  • verb

Synonyms for oppose

be against


Synonyms for oppose

to place in opposition or be in opposition to

to take a stand against

Synonyms for oppose

contrast with equal weight or force

set into opposition or rivalry

Related Words

act against or in opposition to

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Supports some gay rights, opposes a federal ban on same-sex marriage and lived with an affluent gay couple in New York's upper east side during his divorce proceedings.
These data show that the average American Jew -- even those who are Republicans and may support the Bush administration on other matters -- opposes the war.
Poochigian said he supports the death penalty because he believes it is a crime deterrent and said he opposes recent efforts for a temporary moratorium because he believes the state's lengthy appeals process is adequate.
A majority of the American people also opposes the measure.
Kerry opposes jury award caps, saying they benefit only insurance companies.
Senator Kerry opposes the death penalty and supports banning assault weapons.
Opposes HB 315, as filed, which provides for unequal distribution of marital assets and liabilities when one spouse forges or intentionally uses the unauthorized signature of the other spouse.
Cuomo strongly opposes the death penalty, which was highly popular in his state.
In particular, the AICPA opposes the elimination of cross-testing, in which a complex set of rules to test for discrimination in defined-benefit plans also are used for defined-contribution plans.
NAR opposes the recent approvals by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency granting three banks approval to build hotels, mixed use projects and windmill energy farms.
David Dreier of California, the Republican chairman of the Rules Committee--who opposes the amendment--recently told reporters, "I have not seen any kind of great consensus around a single amendment.
Patricia Princehouse, a Case Western Reserve University professor with Ohio Citizens for Science, which opposes religious lessons in science classes, told reporters the new policy is appropriate.
NAR opposes this overreaching and contends that allowing these provisions to pass could undermine the continued evolution of this robust housing market.
The appellate court decision clears the way for a trial on antitrust and unfair business practices allegations against Galleria owner General Growth Properties, which opposes Caruso's plan for a competing Glendale shopping center.