opportunity cost

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cost in terms of foregoing alternatives

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This interest rate reflects the opportunity cost of the private investment dollars which would have gone to other uses.
(129.) Efficiency is here used in the sense of allocational efficiency: whether the marginal social utility associated with an objective is equivalent to its marginal opportunity cost. Efficiency is often used in the literature in the more narrow sense of technical efficiency: least cost in achieving the objective.
Many of their parents probably used the same idea years earlier when deciding who should get up at 3am when the baby fusses, discovering that the opportunity cost is lower for whoever can be more productive the next day, even when sleep deprived.
Last year, when opportunity costs were higher due to the rise in interest rates, there were only four alpha stocks with median return of only 11 percent.
What would be the benefit of a readily available monetary metric that everyone trusted for the opportunity cost of suboptimal performance?
The point of all of this, for any business or organization, is that there is a huge potential opportunity cost associated with a lack of understanding of the power of your website.
When it comes to opportunity costs, show your clients how your partnership benefits them in the short and long run.
Although the individual company may be economically viable, the return on time and capital to the individual venture capitalist is less than the opportunity cost. (107) An example helps illustrates the "shut-down" dynamic as depicted in legal scholarship and invoked by the court.
The total cost of leasing or renting is often calculated by subtracting any refund (e.g., security deposit) at the end of the lease or rent term from the sum of initial costs (down payments or security deposits), subsequent monthly lease or rent payments, and the opportunity cost of the initial payments.
We measure time costs by multiplying an individual's care time by the opportunity cost of her time.
"In my opinion, the real cost of this meeting was one of opportunity cost - senior members and officers being required to divert their attention and energy from making Cardiff a better place," he told a meeting of the council at City Hall yesterday.
"We learned about this cool thing called opportunity cost in economics today"--my college freshman year roommate, early fall, 1997
A pot of up to PS10 billion has been put aside for the 65-plus bonds and the opportunity cost to the taxpayer of the state borrowing from pensioners rather than the capital markets runs into "hundreds of millions of pounds".
The opportunity cost of the capital invested in pharmaceutical research and development (R&D) to bring a new drug to market makes up as much as half the total cost.
Opportunity cost is the profit forgone by making one particular decision rather than an alternative decision.
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