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taking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit

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Transactions have to be structured in such a way that there are incentives for the parties not to act opportunistically.
So far, we haven't seen any black market developing,and I don't think we've seen anybody opportunistically trying to take advantage of the situation in a major way.
it is pragmatic architecture that is being generated opportunistically by wringing the maximum potential from the ordinary.
RREEF's Fund II is a closed-end investment fund established to invest opportunistically in global real estate and real estate-related assets.
Feldman Mall Properties' investment strategy is to opportunistically acquire underperforming malls and transform them into physically attractive and profitable Class A or near Class A malls through comprehensive renovation and re-tenanting efforts aimed at increasing shopper traffic and tenant sales.
Regal, United Artists and Act III have always been aggressive and will be looking opportunistically,'' he said.
Capstead also seeks to opportunistically invest a portion of its investment capital in credit-sensitive commercial real estate-related assets, including subordinate commercial real estate loans.
com enables buyers to increase portfolio returns, manage portfolio diversification and to opportunistically acquire sub or non-performing loans from sellers with a more conservative risk/reward profile.
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