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Synonyms for opportunist

taking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit

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"We have seen a rise in the number of opportunist thefts from cars recently and I would urge people to take steps to protect their property."
The BJP took offense to the posters saying it was ridiculous as the people of Delhi knew who is truly an opportunist.
Dubbed "opportunists" by IRI, these eaters represent 21% of Americans, and they tend to grab food and drink throughout the day as the opportunity arises, with little consideration as to whether they are eating a meal or a snack.
She said: "People seem pretty switched on to not leaving obvious valuables like phones, lap-tops or wallets on display in vehicles but motorists can further protect themselves against opportunists by removing spare change, clothing or bags."
Opportunist eaters hail from across demographic groups.
Inspector Chris Owen said: "Officers will be on patrol in our busy shopping areas in order to deter criminals and opportunist thieves over the Christmas period.
I was heavily criticised by the mayor and leading Labour councillors for what they called "opportunist scaremongering".
Nearly 150 people in the region fell victim to opportunist burglars during May and the first week of June.
Now we are urging people to ensure they don't fall foul of opportunist thieves, looking to take advantage of the warm weather.
Recent crime statistics show that a quarter of all items stolen from cars is personal possessions, with sat navs being the most popular target for opportunist thieves.
Fans planning to drive into the city were reminded to think about simple crime prevention measures, removing sat navs, mobile phones and car stereos to deter opportunist thieves.
AN opportunist thief raped a woman after finding a key under her front doormat, police revealed yesterday.
In the 1980s car radio/cassettes were the major target of 'smash and grab' opportunist thieves.
Along with Molly Ivins, I share Sheehan's contempt for Hillary Clinton, who seems to be an opportunist. Unless Democrats jettison the DLC (Republican Lite) agenda, they will continue to lose.
Astonishingly, Simoneau apparently asked Lepage to appear in the film as the killer--a monstrous bit of tastelessness sharply memorialized in Le Polygraphe when Francois tries to explain his feelings about this to Judith ("Do you realize the position you're putting me in?"), finally screaming at her into the phone that she is an "opportunist!" All of which, I suppose, makes Lepage some modality of Opportunist of the Self: the quintessential artist.