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Synonyms for opportunist

taking immediate advantage, often unethically, of any circumstance of possible benefit

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Atwoli said Tuesday was a test for Kenyans 'to see some of the political opportunists who would vanish when there is a risk to take'.
Wasim Rizvi is the biggest joker, an opportunist person.
The remainder of this report will provide insights and ideas vis-a-vis Americans that embrace the opportunist approach to eating.
Insp Owen added: "By following some basic crime prevention advice, you can stop opportunist thieves from spoiling your Christmas.
Nearly 150 people in the region fell victim to opportunist burglars during May and the first week of June.
Now we are urging people to ensure they don't fall foul of opportunist thieves, looking to take advantage of the warm weather.
Recent crime statistics show that a quarter of all items stolen from cars is personal possessions, with sat navs being the most popular target for opportunist thieves.
Fans planning to drive into the city were reminded to think about simple crime prevention measures, removing sat navs, mobile phones and car stereos to deter opportunist thieves.
AN opportunist thief raped a woman after finding a key under her front doormat, police revealed yesterday.
In the 1980s car radio/cassettes were the major target of 'smash and grab' opportunist thieves.
If not for the ultimate opportunist in Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, it could have been very different.
Along with Molly Ivins, I share Sheehan's contempt for Hillary Clinton, who seems to be an opportunist.
Visitors to the Birmingham Motor Show are being urged to protect their cars from opportunist thieves.
Biographers of George Orwell have since accused his widow of being an opportunist, a sexual adventuress, and a harridan.
The brain increasingly looks like a sensory opportunist.